Weather Safety at Walt Disney World by Kim Lawton

Staying safe on any vacation is of prime importance and it isn’t any different with a Disney vacation.  Safety tips abound on the internet, drink plenty of water, use sunscreen, get plenty of rest and so on.  But with this article I would like to explore weather safety.  At this time of year the weather in Florida can change and spring and eventually summer showers can pop up and be more than a nuisance, they can become dangerous.

First and foremost pay attention to any and all Cast Member warnings and directions.  Rest assured that Walt Disney World has safety plans and protocols in place.  As with all service oriented establishments, safety of Guests comes first.  But it never hurts to do a little pre-planning.

It is important to discuss what your travel party will do in case of an emergency, any emergency.  For example, where will you meet up if separated?  How will you stay in contact?  A little forethought on these subjects might just help a stressful situation be a little less stressful.

Another important detail is to know the layout of the area so you can pay attention to any weather warnings that might be broadcast.  It doesn’t help to pay attention to them if you don’t know if they apply to where you are. Parts of Walt Disney World are located in Orange and Osceola Counties.  That information should help if weather warnings are announced.  The surrounding counties are Lake and Polk to the west and Brevard to the east, on the Atlantic Coast.  The counties on the Gulf Coast are Hillsborough and Pinellas.  This information should be enough to interpret any weather warnings.  Please pay attention as you plan your days.

Look for the Weather Channel on the television in your accommodations as well as a local channel to monitor any weather situations.  Besides it might help you decide if a rain coat is necessary!  Many of the local weather/television channels have apps for smart phones so does the Weather Channel. Many even have weather push alerts if conditions warrant.  Download one to use while on vacation.  This will  help put things in perspective… will get a warning if anything is approaching and can just enjoy the sights.  Look for MYNEWS13, WESH 2, or WFTV channel 9 for examples.  All cover the Orlando area.

Be prepared and stay safe so you can share the magic!

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