The Memories that Last by Rich Urick

With every event in your life, whether it’s good or bad, leaves an impressionable memory. Memories can fade in and out at random times, however the memories that last are always the 1st impressions because those are the times you talk about the most. Spending your vacation at Walt Disney World is no different. I would like to share with you the 1st memory I have with my very 1st visit to the World.

For those of you who don’t believe in magic, take a trip to Walt Disney World for a change of heart. I was once a skeptic. I believed that the saying, “The Most Magical Place on Earth!” was simply a myth…That is until my very first visit!

In February 2007, my wife, 3 children and I, decided it was time we took our first real family vacation, and the top spot on our list was Walt Disney World. Now planning your first vacation can be frustrating, but just pretend you’re Santa Claus…make a list and check it twice…or 3 – 4 times just to be sure. In our case, it was more like 14 times.

Words can’t express how excited my whole family was for this trip. Finally the day has come. From Pittsburgh to Orlando we go. This was pretty much a 2 for 1 deal because this was also are first trip by airplane. Counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds. We’ve landed. Already we’re amazed, just by the seemingly Disney themed portion of the airport where we await the Disney Magical Express. On the bus trip to our hotel, we were also greeted by a video from the Disney characters themselves, which made me feel nostalgic. Knowing that we’ll be there soon, made our hearts race with anticipation. The bus arrives at the All-Star Movie Resort, 101 Dalmatians to be exact. We go to our room, just briefly, to view and awe over the decor. We then immediately proceed to the line to wait for a bus to transport us to the Magic Kingdom.

What’s so magical about this you ask? Well, wouldn’t you believe that while we were in line for the shuttle it begins to rain. Much disappointment covered our faces , as well as the others in line. The bus arrives and my saddened family, along with several other grumpy (no pun intended) faces boarded. All the way there, the rain seemed to get harder and harder. I tried to stay optimistic because, HEY…it’s Disney World. Whether it’s raining or snowing, we’re going to have a good time. The shuttle driver announces we will be arriving in just a moment. We look out of the window…our bodies shaking with excitement…we see the sign.

The sign ahead reads, “MAGIC KINGDOM”. We made it, despite the rain, we were going to have the time of our lives…and then it happened. As we passed under the “MAGIC KINGDOM” sign, the rain instantly stopped. It was an amazing and memorable moment for my family. At that moment, I believed…we believed in magic.
The one thing I have learned from this experience, is to, always stay positive! Even when the rain starts…the sun is always shining somewhere. And even if it kept raining…It would be better to be in Disney while it’s raining then working in the sun!

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