Well, summer is coming to a close.  School supplies are in the stores.  The nights are beginning to get chillier.  Buses are practicing their morning routes.  Is this starting to depress anyone?  If so, I have the cure….Disney’s TEEN BEACH 2–now on DVD. This sequel to Disney’s TEEN BEACH MOVIE is the ideal way to make summer last just a little longer.  Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell are back as Brady and Mack.  School is starting for them, and they aren’t too sure how to deal with their relationship in the hallways of high school.  After all, their beach romance didn’t include homework and classes and college prep.   Lucky for them some old friends stop by to experience modern high school life for themselves.  Lela and Tanner arrive from their fictional movie and immediately turn everything into a song and dance number.  Disney’s TEEN BEACH 2 has all of the singing and dancing that you loved from the first movie.  You will be rocking out with the cast in no time.  Want to learn the choreography?  Check out the Bonus Exclusive:Cast Dance Rehearsals.  Learn the steps and turn your Homecoming Dance this fall into something straight out of “Wet Side Story.”  Disney’s TEEN BEACH 2 is a must-watch as we stretch out these last few days of summer.  It will have you humming in the hallways on your first day of school.

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