Some of my favorite sweets and treats in the parks By Heather Holley

‘Tis the season of being surrounded by all things tasty and we all know Disney does delicious delightfully! This week I want to share some of my favorite treats throughout the parks. (I may have also been inspired to write about yummy things because I’ve been on a liquid diet since having my wisdom teeth removed and that is not so scrumptious.) Let’s jump in!

I’m going to start in the Magic Kingdom because I think they have the most must try sweets. My first recommendation requires a friend… or three. The huge Mickey head Rice Krispy treats in the bakery on Main Street are amazing. When I was a Cast Member, I shared one with a couple of coworkers and it lasted us at least a month. This monster sized treat is well worth the price and oh so delicious. The next snack seems to be hard to come by these days. If you ever spot a cream cheese filled pretzel, snag it! They used to be located in the snack stand near what used to be Ariel’s Grotto. On my last trip, I asked a Cast Member if they still make these and she informed me they do, but they move around from stand to stand. So you can either have a small scavenger hunt or a quick service Cast Member will probably be able to help you out. The Dole Whip has probably been suggested to you a zillion times by now, so I’m just going to remind you it’s delicious and move on.

Now let’s hop on over to Hollywood Studios. Honestly, there isn’t much if a difference between the Magic Kingdom bakery and the one in Hollywood Studios… except for what I buy the treats for. My snacks in Hollywood Studios are always for Fantasmic! I love that I can generally find a Jack Skellington caramel apple or a fresh bag of cotton candy. The fruit kabobs are also quite fabulous. Another treat worth mentioning is the Yoda cupcake my husband and I shared during Star Wars weekends. It was chocolate and Nutella. Scrumptious it was. Yes, yes….

Let’s take a walk on the wild side and explore the Animal Kingdom’s greatest snackage. The first thing I have yet to try, but I don’t see how it could be bad… the coconut rum Dole Whip. I hope it’s still there next time we make the trip because this adult take on a long loved classic sounds right up my alley. The only other food I’ve eaten at the Animal Kingdom is at the Yak and Yeti. All of their food is delicious, but since this article is about tantalizing sweets I can only testify that their fried wontons are delectable.

EPCOT is our final stop, and with so many choices from around the world this should probably be my longest list, but sadly I haven’t explored that many countries foods. I found something I love at Norway and that’s my go to. Lefse is a delicious flatbread with what taste like a cinnamon butter rolled in it. It isn’t overly sweet and it’s great to share because it comes with two pieces. Another tasty treat in Norway is School Bread. It’s a pretty large loaf with icing and coconut on top and filled with a custard. It also isn’t too sweet and easily sharable.

This concludes my list of must try treats. What are your favorite snacks in the parks? Do you recreate any of your favorites at home? Share your favorites and recipes with me on Twitter @hoodie_life. Hope your holidays are filled with delicious treats!

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