“Seriously? You’re Going There Again? “ by Laurie Schaerer

How many times have you heard this question: “You’re going to Disney World again? You just went last year”. If you’re a Disney World vacation addict like me, I’m sure you’ve heard it at least once or twice. The answers are endless but let’s begin with…..

The Parks. Of course, The Parks. Each one is so different with the theming, rides, food, shows, shopping, etc. for kids of all ages. There’s no way to see and do everything in one trip, or ten. There’s always something new or just something you missed on the previous visits. I’m also a photographer, and even the architecture in each park always gives me something new to photograph, as I might see something from a different point of view than before. People always ask me to choose a favorite park. Oh my goodness, I just can’t. I can choose a favorite ride, however. I even had a special car tag made in its honor. Test Track. I’d make the drive just for that ride.

The Food. Oh dear. I’m planning my 15th trip, and still haven’t eaten at all the restaurants yet. Where else can you find such a variety of foods in one area?! For those with food sensitivities (not me), the chefs at Disney World restaurants are always happy to help out, so no excuse there. Picky eaters? Still something there. Of course, having the Dining Plan is a great way to go, too. No worries about looking at menu prices, so feel free to splurge on something special. What’s my favorite restaurant? Well, I do have several favorites, but I really look forward to breakfast at Boma.

The Resorts. Each resort is so different that it’s exciting just to go to Disney World to stay at one of their fun resorts. Each one is so unique, and offers it’s own fun, food and entertainment. There are even forums dedicated to resort-hopping. Have you tried that in your free time? (Free time, you say. What’s free time at Disney World)? It’s especially neat at Christmas when all the resorts are wonderfully decorated. Or take a sleigh ride through Fort Wilderness. Those campers go all out with their decorations. What’s my favorite resort? Well, how about a favorite in each category. Value: I love Pop Century. It’s so fun. Moderate: Port Orleans Riverside-Alligator Bayou, hands down. Just gives the feeling of quietness even when lots of folks are around. Deluxe: Boardwalk Resort. What a great location if your favorite parks are EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Well, I could go on and on but space and time are limited. So, why do you keep going back? I’m sure you can go on and on, too. Until next time……get those vacation countdown calendars going.

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