Photographing Disney by Laurie Schaerer

Hmmm…which is my favorite?  Visiting Walt Disney World or photographing the magic?  That’s a hard question to answer.  I know many of you love taking photographs at Disney World, whether it’s of family and friends or the wonders you find in Walt Disney World itself.  Each time I go, I look for new and unique viewpoints to photograph my Disney memories from.

I’m pretty sure the most photographed Disney icon must be Cinderella Castle, and I bet you all have a shot of the Castle down Main St.  Have you tried getting a reflection shot in the waterways surrounding the Castle from Frontierland or Tomorrowland?  These are especially beautiful at night when Cinderella Castle is lit up in all her magic.  Climb Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, and you’ll also find some unique vantage points for great shots.  If you’re feeling brave, let go of the handrails, and click off a few shots on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. (Make sure to hang on to your camera for dear life).

While I love Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom has become my new favorite park for all the photographic opportunities available.  While some think of this park as a half day park, I can always stay here all day just taking photographs of the wide variety of wildlife.  If your favorite ride is Expedition Everest, take some time for lunch at my favorite Quick Service Restaurant, Flame Tree BBQ.  If you grab a seat in a gazebo down by the water, this is a great place for getting shots of Expedition Everest.  You’ll also likely get some good bird photos as the birds have discovered Flame Tree’s good food as well.

My favorite of all rides is in EPCOT.  I just love Test Track!!  Test Track also offers some good photo opportunities for the quick and the brave.  Get ready because, just before the doors open for the launch outside, this ride gives you just a few seconds to prepare your camera.  Set your shutter speed high and get ready to start clicking when those doors open.  Make sure to hang on tight to your camera.  At 64 mph, letting go of it would surely end badly.  Another favorite photo spot for me is in the International Gateway area, and along the bridge to France.   With all the beautiful and unique architecture in EPCOT, there’s certainly no lack of photography subjects.

Last, but not certainly not least, is Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  My favorite time of year to photograph DHS, is during the Christmas season when the park is decorated with the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights.  What an amazing time to take photos!  (and videos, too).   This year will be my first without photos of the Sorcerer Mickey Hat.  I’ll miss the the Hat.  Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt show is a great place to get off your feet, and test your skills with action shots.   How about grabbing shots of screaming guests as the doors to Tower of Terror swing open and shut?

While photographing your Walt Disney World Memories, don’t forget to include yourself.  Sometimes, us photographers are so busy snapping pics of everyone else, that there are no pictures of us for our families to enjoy.  Remember to snap a selfie sometimes, or take advantage of the many PhotoPass Photographers around the Disney Parks.

Until next time, Happy Snapping.

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