Packing for the Park – By Heather Holley

Going to Disney as a kid is the best. Everything is pure and magical… and your parents carry all your stuff. I’ve only recently started going to the parks without my family and I quickly realized the perks of having a day bag. This week I’m going to share some of my essential items for the parks.  We currently pack for two adults to go into the park, so this list will not cover kids’ needs (sorry!)

First things first, you need a bag. Ours is a medium sized, cross body bag (we specifically have a Maxpedition Kodiak S-Type Gearslinger.) It’s perfect for two people. It has a large inner compartment and lots of external pockets, a place to stick a bottle of water, and the option to also carry a water bag (like a Camel bag.)

Now, what do you fill your bag with? The first thing we put in the bag is water. We start our day with four bottles and refill them throughout the day. It’s not uncommon for us to throw in some fruit and crackers. Park treats are delicious, but they can add up after a few days. The next necessary item in our bag is sun screen. I’m pale and tattooed; sunburn is something I work hard to avoid. The next layer in our bag are disposable ponchos (we’ve never used them, but they’re nice to have in case of a torrential downpour) and depending on the time of year a light jacket.  The outside pockets contain some medicine (like my inhaler, Advil, and TUMS), our camera, and a handful of trading pins.

This may sound like a lot to lug around, but there’s still plenty of room for us to store souvenirs we pick up.  Carrying a bag can be a hassle. It’s just another thing to keep up with and you always have long lines at security checks, but we like to be prepared and save a little money where we can in Disney.

What are your bag essentials for a trip to the park? Tell me on Twitter @hoodie_life.

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