Making the Time to Visit One Man’s Dream in Disney’s Hollywood Studios by Jennifer Romano

After you run through Disney’s Hollywood Studios and make a break for Toy Story Midway Mania or take a spin on a starspeeder at Star Tours, take some time out of your day to explore the One Man’s Dream exhibit. This attraction is akin to a museum that tells the story of Walt Disney from his humble beginnings to the creation of the many Disney Parks that we love today. We can thank D23, the official Disney Fan Club, for giving us this fantastic exhibition of Walt Disney’s life. Now, I am a fan of history, and when you mix history and Disney World, that is more than I can handle. I have to say that this attraction has something to appeal to every park guest. There are many displays of pictures from the past of the Disney family as well as Walt’s grammar school desk. Yes, the actual desk that Walt occupied in school; it even has a “W.D.” carved into the desk! You can see a recreation of Walt’s office from his days at the studios as well as early animation experiments. Walt enjoyed creating miniatures, and one of his miniature houses is even on display. To think that Walt actually built this small house with all of its tiny furnishings is just so surreal.

In addition to these types of displays, there are also different cases that house vintage park souvenirs as well as costumes from movies and television shows of the past. A great deal of artwork lines the walls, and there are even some pieces from old attractions showcased at the rear of the exhibit. Many videos are also shown as you make your way through this attraction. You can even watch Walt explain the Florida Project in full detail on endless loop. I have found myself standing and watching this for at least a few loops, I must admit. At the end of the tour, there are models of Disney Parks throughout the world. These models are truly impressive and show the huge amount of detail that Disney Imagineers pay to attractions and parks when they are being designed. After you tour the entire gallery, you can watch a video about the life and times of Walt Disney. This video is informative and takes a nostalgic look back at Walt’s life and his untimely death in 1966.

There are so many shows and attractions to see during your trip to the World, but it is worth it to take some time to visit with the man who made all of the magic possible. This attraction is worth your time, and you will learn something. Maybe you will be inspired to go out and create your own magic! Enjoy the photos of some of the items that you will see as you experience this attraction. Till next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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