Making Memories by Kim Lawton

I am always looking for ways to share the magic of a Walt Disney World visit or relive favorite vacation moments. I recently tried a craft idea I found on the internet and thought I would share the idea with you. It starts with a glass or plastic fillable ornament. These fillable vessels can be found at your favorite craft store or on line. They come in various sizes and shapes. I used round ones.

For the first idea I wanted to create a special memento for a Cast Member friend of mine. I used a map of the Disney area where we met, cutting areas of the map into strips so that you could still read portions that were of interest, like Luna Park Pool. I cut strips in different widths and lengths. That is what makes this craft so perfect….no rules, it is very individual and each one will be unique.

I then took each strip of paper and twirled it around a pencil to create a curly piece of art! I placed these curly art strips in the fillable ornament. Using as many as I thought made the vessel look distinctive. Once I liked the look, I replaced the top and added a ribbon that coordinated with the paper inside. And voilà I had a gift for my friend. Wouldn’t one made from each park map make a unique set of ornaments? You could even use the attractions you enjoyed most on your tip!

Another idea I saw utilized shells and sand. So my family and I gathered shells and sand on a recent trip together and started crafting. For this idea we added a little glitter to our sand for a little shimmer and put it in the fillable ornament first and then added the shells. The amount of sand and shells is personal preference, again making this the perfect craft for making something quite individual and unique. We did use a drop of glue from my handy glue gun when replacing the top and adorned each with a ribbon.

I am not claiming this as an original idea. I did find it on-line but added my own unique flair just like you can. And while the fillable ornaments are usually found at Christmas time, I did find them for sale on line and some craft stores might carry them year round. I prefer the plastic ones for obvious reasons. I also believe they can be made and used as decor all year long. I have the one containing sand and shells sitting on a table reminding me of time spent walking the beach with my family.

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