Recently, we introduced the new MagicBand 2, which offers more versatility and customization to guests as they unlock the magic of their Walt Disney World® Resort vacation.

Over the last few months, MagicBand 2 has been rolled out to Guests who receive them prior to arrival, as well as to Guests who pre-engage with My Disney Experience and receive them at a Disney Resort hotel. Now, Guests who have not had the chance to pre-engage in advance are also receiving MagicBand 2 upon check-in at the front desk in the default color of gray.

We’re also excited to share that solid-color MagicBand 2 are available for purchase in the current eight colors – pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray, yellow and purple – wherever MagicBands are sold throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

With the MagicBand 2 solid-color bands, guests have even more options to customize their MagicBand. They can mix and match different-colored bands to create their favorite multi-colored band because with MagicBand 2, the center icon is removable and linked to their My Disney Experience account. MagicBand 2 is also available for purchase in a variety of graphic designs.

Guests can also customize their solid-color MagicBand 2 with the new MagicKeepers accessories. They can put the center icon into a sliver carabiner to wear on a purse, diaper bag or belt loop; or into a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse lanyard clip to wear around their neck. A mini-screwdriver is included with each MagicKeeper to make changing the icon easy.

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