Have You Gotten Sick of Walt Disney World? by Jennifer Romano

Have you gotten sick of Disney yet? I have been asked this question many times by a variety of different people since we have moved to Orlando. Now that I work at Walt Disney World, I definitely hear this question frequently. Honestly, I am not sick of the parks at all; I could spend every hour of every day in the parks and not get sick of them. However, this is because I always do something different when I visit the parks as a guest. I do not have to experience every attraction every time I visit a particular park. Sometimes, we don’t even go on any of the rides because we are just visiting for a walk or a meal.

Living so close to the parks allows us to enjoy a casual stroll through all of the resorts as well as the parks. There is no need to rush, so we never get sick of anything that WDW has to offer. The key is to visit the out of the way places and just take in the ambiance. So many people just rush through all of the carefully constructed themed areas just to run onto rides. Living so close has given us a new appreciation for slowing down on our visits to the parks. I know that this type of touring is not always possible during a once in a life time trip, but if you have the opportunity, take some time (excuse the cliché) to smell the roses.

Now, you might wonder if I am still covered in pixie dust because I just recently became a cast member. I am sure that being new still makes my every day work exciting, but I have to say that possessing a love for the parks and everything that WDW stands for makes me a better cast member. I truly care about the brand that I am representing, and I want to extend to each guest the high level of service that only Disney can provide. People are always shocked when I tell them that I work at Disney full time, and I also visit the parks on the days when I am not working. Talk to me in ten years, but I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. Having a broad knowledge of the parks and resorts really helps me to answer any question that a guest may have. I have learned so much about Disney as a company during my short tenure as a cast member; I can’t wait to see what I will learn when I am with the company for many more years.

As a cast member, I have come to understand that WDW is not just about rides or cramming in as many experiences into one day as you can. Yes, it is important to have a productive day as a guest, but a trip to WDW is so much more than that. You have the opportunity to make memories that you simply cannot make anywhere else. We (cast members) all go out of our way to free you from your worries and help you to leave the world of reality behind. Where else can you suspend reality and escape into a magical world? I know this is definitely the ideal that we try to meet as cast members, but I work with so many people who go above and beyond in order to assist guests in having wonderful experiences. These types of interactions help me to stay fresh and not become sick of being in our parks.

Overall, reflecting back on our first eight months as Florida residents, we have had our highs and lows. We have missed family, but we have also made new friends. We have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of living so close to Walt Disney World. So, when people look at me and wonder how I can visit the parks so often both for work and for play, I just smile and know that I am truly living my dreams. Sick of Disney? Never! Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!


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