Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy, Happy Everything ! by Jenn Romano

Easter is just around the corner, and Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to celebrate your Spring Break! Now, you might be concerned about the crowds, but if you plan out your vacation, you can enjoy beautiful weather as well as some special events that only occur during this time of the year.

First, the parks are filled with lovely flowers during the spring. The Flower and Garden Festival is in full bloom at Epcot, and many special events take place during this festival. For example, there are concerts in the evening, demonstrations of various gardening techniques, a Monsters University playground, a butterfly habitat, and even various food offerings that celebrate both organic and natural ingredients. The Flower and Garden Festival is also home to many creative topiaries as well as various flower arrangements throughout Epcot.

Epcot is not the only park that is filled with flowers; Magic Kingdom is also decked out with bouquets of spring flowers. Every flowerbed is filled with bright colors that add to the beauty of this park. In addition to flowers, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny will be out and about visiting with guests in the coming weeks. Every morning the citizens of Main Street welcome a new day with the Spring Time Trolley Car Show. While this show does occur all throughout the year, the Spring edition is filled with bright colors, and it is a wonderful way to say goodbye to winter and hello to Spring! During Easter weekend, Daisy Duck leads a cavalcade of beautifully adorned ladies with pastel colored gowns in an Easter parade. This hidden gem was a wonderful surprise to discover on one of our trips a few years ago.

f you take the monorail around to the various Magic Kingdom resorts, you will also find lots of hints that Spring has begun. For example, the Grand Floridian is home to a yearly display of beautifully crafted and decorated Easter eggs. These eggs portray scenes from different Disney Animated features as well as Disney characters. The level of detail in these eggs is amazing! They are completely decorated 360 degrees around. If you enjoy hunting for hidden Mickeys, there are many of them hidden in this display. Not only is the Grand Floridian home to this art display, it is also another place to find beautiful flowers. Even the garbage cans are adorned with Easter Lilies!

If you have the opportunity to spend some time at Walt Disney World this spring, definitely make the trip to both Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Both of these parks are gorgeous during this time of year, and you can enjoy all of the special offerings that are available. Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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