Florida Seasons by Kim Lawton

I have been asked many times if I will miss four seasons in Florida. There are many ways I can answer that question. First and foremost, I will not miss scraping ice from my car, slipping at the door and bundling up so that I waddle; wait maybe that is why I slipped!

I would also caution that while Florida weather is mostly two seasons based on precipitation rather than temperature, they are different seasons, one hot and humid and one mild and dry. I would call the hot and humid season spring/summer and the mild and dry season fall/winter. The state boasts more sunny days than most places but it experiences its share of rain too. In the fall/winter 70% of the yearly rain total typically falls. And in the spring/summer the drier conditions create a tinder box, with brush fires prevalent. And did I mention the lightning? As you can see, the seasons are quite distinct.

I think Walt Disney World can help remind me of the seasons as well. Anyone who travels frequently to WDW, especially DVC Members, know there are seasons that define room rates. They are Adventure, Choice, Dream, Magic and Premier. Vacation Points required vary each season as do actual rates charged for rooms. For the most part Adventure and Choice are the least expensive. The seasons overlap depending on the year’s holidays. These seasons, while important, are not the only seasons of Walt Disney World.

The festivities of a year at Walt Disney World with all the decorations and finery are a magical way to experience the seasons. Let’s see, there is the Flower and Garden Festival to herald spring with flowers in bloom and gardening tips. The Sounds of Summer Concert Series take place during the summer with concerts worthy of a picnic in the park. The Food and Wine Festival and the Not So Scary Party announce fall with all the pumpkin décor and food from around the World. Of course all the holiday happenings proclaim winter, there is even snow on Main Street and the Streets of America. I have had the opportunity to visit during each of these seasons and love all the details and magic. During each festive season the Parks are decorated with the finery of that time of the year, enough to help any transplant feel at home or any Guest have a party.

Be sure to check out https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/ to see what is in season when you visit.

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