Disney Vacation Club – Part 3 – by Kim Lawton

We have been discussing Disney Vacation Club membership over the last few articles. I want to share some of the terms I find most useful while using my points and planning vacations.
• Home Resort– Disney Vacation Club members actually own a portion of a Disney resort hotel. That owned resort is called a Home resort.
• Booking window – Owners can begin booking a Home resort ELEVEN (11) months from the desired arrival date. However, reservations at non-Home resorts cannot be made until SEVEN (7) months from the arrival date. What this effectively does is give the owner a four month head start booking the resort at which he/she owns. In periods where demand is particularly high or certain room classes are in short supply, having that four month booking advantage is critical, for example during holidays.
• Annual Dues – Dues paid by each member are based upon one’s Home resort. It doesn’t matter where that member chooses to use his points. An owner can elect to book most or all of his trips at other resorts, but he will continue to pay the published dues amount for his Home Resort.
• Contract end date – Ownership at each resort has a stated ending date. After this date the DVC ownership is effectively over and points will no longer be issued. The ending dates vary greatly from one resort to another and can (should) impact purchase prices. My ownership ends in 2042 at the Boardwalk.
• ANNUAL DUES- Fees paid each year to cover things like operating expenses, refurbishment and real estate taxes.
• Points- the key to Membership and the basis of the Disney Vacation Club reservation system. With the purchase of a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort, members are given an annual allotment of a certain number of Vacation Points. Each reservation requires a certain number of points depending on resort chosen, time of year and number of days.
• USE YEAR- determined at the time you purchase your Ownership Interest and marks the time each year when you receive a new allotment of Vacation Points. It affects when you can bank and borrow Vacation Points, and sets the deadline for certain vacation decisions.
• BANKING POINTS- the term for moving Vacation Points from the current Use Year to the next Use Year
• BORROWING POINTS- the term for using Vacation Points from your next Use Year in the current Use Year
• PERKS – Discounts and benefits only available for DVC Members. Definitely look for those!

I hope with the information I have given you over the last few articles, you can decide if DVC is right for you and your family. Have a magical day!!!

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