Disney THE LION GUARD-The Rise of Scar Review

“Unleash the Roar!”  If you have young children in your life, you are probably very familiar with this phrase from Disney Junior’s THE LION GUARD.  Being a huge fan of the original feature film The Lion King, I was excited to see that another generation would be able to enjoy the wonderful world of the Pridelands. THE LION GUARD-The Rise of Scar dvd includes the full-length adventure “The Rise of Scar.”  Filled with fun songs and lessons of friendship, this episode also teaches youngsters about the real struggles of the dry season and how that affects the animals that live in this ecosystem.  As a 5th grade science teacher, I love that Disney Junior teaches as well as entertains children. All of our favorite characters are back to help protect and help their animals friends including Kion, Ono, Fuli, Bunga and Beshte.  They are busy as tensions are high and patience is wearing thin as the elephants continue their search for a new watering hole for the herd and other animals. In this episode, Kion is introduced to a new friend named Makini who is an apprentice of Rafiki. She is lively, energetic, and eager to learn all she can from Rafiki. She does get into a bit of trouble with her bakora staff.  No spoilers here, but it is because of this that the villain Scar makes an appearance.  The dvd includes 4 other episodes from the series: “The Trouble with Galagos” (who look a whole lot like Gremlins to me), “Janja’s New Crew”, “Baboons!”, and “Lions of the Outlands.”  I was hoping for some bonus features because I love to watch Disney extras and behind the scenes footage, but to my disappointment there are none. Even so, THE LION GUARD-The Rise of Scar is fun for the whole family from little ones who are meeting the Guard for the first time to older children who are studying animals and their habitats in science class. As they say in the Guard “Zuka Zama!”  Pop up, and dive in with THE LION GUARD-The Rise of Scar. now on DVD.

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