Disney Pet Peeves by Kim Lawton

I just returned from a brief Walt Disney World visit. It got me to thinking about the things that bug me while I am there. Granted, it is the most magical place on Earth, but sometimes you can tell your fellow Guests have had too much Disney for one day!!! Sometimes that Guest is me, so I am listing a few things that just push me over the edge.

1. Guests leaving a waterpark via bus transportation without a shirt on……especially when they have to stand right in front of me……Please put your shirt on!!

2. Guests who continually use their cell phone to share their magical vacation memories via text but do not silence the phone so it keeps dinging as everyone replies with envy.

3. Groups traveling together who insist on experiencing an attraction together even though one member of the party doesn’t want to, might even be scared, and is having a meltdown in line.

4. Guests who forget that they are not the only ones wanting to see the fireworks or parade, especially if they perch a smaller Guest on their shoulders. I want everyone to be able to see the magical, beautiful fireworks and floats but we all must remember that we are sharing the experiences with other Guests. Take a look around.

5. Guests who are rude!!! Not just to other Guests but to Cast Members. There is no place for rudeness anywhere and especially not on vacation. It is just another form of stress!

Everyone has their limitations and we all have to realize when we are reaching ours. It is a vacation after all and meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes we can overlook things sometimes we cannot! But if everyone remembers that the magic is for sharing with a little consideration we might all have a better time.

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