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Disney Fans Can’t Stop Obsessing Over These Moana/The Little Mermaid Connections

The Little Mermaid and Moana are both Disney animated films that focus on young women and the ocean. But the films, separated by almost three decades, otherwise don’t have that much in common.

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The Best Disney Movies On Netflix Right Now

Netflix junkies (and probably Netflix itself) were rocked by the news that Disney is terminating its business with the streaming service. The Mouse House is taking off all of their movies and TV shows from Netflix and will be creating its own streaming platform which will be the exclusive home to its massive library of content.

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The Best Disney Movies and Shows on Netflix

Disney’s announcement that it will pull all of its films from Netflix by 2018 is a bigger blow to the streaming giant than you might expect.

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We all have our childhood favorites–films we know by heart and love unconditionally. It’s only once we’re older, when we’re passionately sharing our love for the films that have made such an impact in our lives, that we realize that our top picks might be wildly under appreciated by almost everyone else on Earth.

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Practically perfect! See new photos from Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

“Mary Poppins Returns” may not arrive in theaters until Christmas 2018, but sneak preview photos from the movie are here and, naturally, they’re practically perfect!

The film, which comes more than 50 years after Disney’s 1964 musical classic “Mary Poppins,” this time around stars Emily Blunt as the magical English nanny who offers joyful life lessons to everyone around her.

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The 20 Best Disney Movies On Netflix

When the whole family’s involved, streaming can get a little sticky. Finding titles that are safe for all age groups is certainly not always an easy feat, but Netflix‘s selection of family-friendly Disney titles is truly unparalleled.

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – Bonus Clips: Table read

We’ve got some great bonus material to share with you today from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The clips below are from the Table Read bonus feature showing the cast all together reading through and performing the script for the first time.

Beauty and the Beast | Table Read

Beauty and the Beast | Be Our Guest Table Read

Marvel, Pixar & Star Wars: 7 Disney Crossovers We Need to See!

Disney is currently on top of the world. They own some of the best assets in Hollywood today, with major franchises like Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm, there’s no stopping Walt Disney’s amazing legacy.

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The 10 Highest-Grossing Disney Movies of All Time

Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) casts a large shadow over the movie industry. Four of the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time come from the House of Mouse, according to data from Box Office Mojo. The studio owns the market for children’s movies outright, including the entire top 10 of domestic G-rated titles.

Disney At CinemaCon: ‘Wreck It Ralph’ Sequel Now Titled ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’

The studios’ panels here at CinemaCon can last hours. Literally. There’s typically a lot of preamble, an exhibitor honor of sort of a legendary vet before the clips and stars start flying.

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