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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast- 25th Anniversary Edition

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends. Then somebody bends. Unexpectedly.  These 25 syllables instantly bring to mind a Disney classic. (admit it–you just sang those words in your head) Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was originally released in 1991, yet it stands the test of time.  Both children and adults are drawn to this classic fairy tale of a young woman looking for more adventure and romance in her life, and the beast that shows her you can’t judge a book by its cover after all.

The music is amazing and the animation, especially the ballroom scene, is breathtaking.  Whether you have seen the movie once or 20 times, the 25th Anniversary edition will literally have you dancing in your living room.  In fact, you may never look at your dishes the same way again.  The bonus features included in the Blu-ray are outstanding.  I had a fangirl moment for sure with Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and Lin Manuel-Miranda all in the same room together!  I seriously could watch Menken & Friends:25 Years of Musical Inspiration over and over again.  (In fact, if Disney could make a full length feature with this group I would greatly appreciate it.)

The Recording Sessions gives a peek behind the scenes with the voices of Beauty and Beast. #1074:Walt, Fairy Tales & Beauty and the Beast takes us into the Disney Studio Archives to learn the history of this story and how Walt and the animators of the past inspired the modern animation of today.  I have been lucky enough to tour the Disney Studios in California so I love seeing this historical footage.  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast-25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD is a masterpiece that fans of all ages will adore.  Whether you connect to Belle, the Beast or even Gaston, you will love this classic tale as old as time.

Bonus Clips – Beauty and the Beast – Out on Blu-ray Today

We have some great bonus clips and character sketch art to share with you for today’s Blu-ray and DVD release of Beauty and the Beast.

The Recording Sessions:

The Missing Link:

Bonus Clips: Captain America: Civil War

We have two new clips to share with you from Captain America: Civil War today! It is available today on Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand.

Get Me One of Those – Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Deleted Scene

Gag Reel from Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Trailer – Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we announce the release of Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition.

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast on Digital HD Sept 6th & Blu-ray and DVD Sept 20th

Twenty-five years ago, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast broke ground as the first animated feature film to receive an Academy Award® nomination for best picture, and now this tale as old as time joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection. The Blu-ray release will include the original theatrical film; an extended version with the “Human Again” song sequence and a never-before-released on home entertainment sing-along version.  The original work-in-progress version will be available digitally and on Disney Movies Anywhere. Relive the magic on Sept. 6 on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere, and on Sept. 20 on Blu-ray™ and DVD.

Marvel CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Collector’s Edition Review

It is official.  My new favorite Marvel movie is Captain America:Civil War.  This action packed super hero movie has everything anyone could ever want.. awesome fight scenes, interesting story lines, unexpected twists and turns, and humor.

In Captain America:Civil War we get to see what is going on with the Avengers-Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Hawkeye.  The Avengers are in some trouble with the government because of the destruction that follows them after a battle.  After all, who pays to rebuild the cities that are destroyed in their wake? Aren’t they responsible for injuring citizens as “collateral damage”?  These are some of the questions that lead to the “civil war” between our heroes.  We are also treated to some other famous Marvel characters that add some new dimensions to the story.  (I am not going to ruin the surprise for you-although the Collector’s Edition cover will give a few away.)

The Captain America: Civil War Collector’s Edition comes with the Blu-Ray in 3D, a Blu-Ray, and a Digital HD copy. We are lucky enough to have a 3D big screen television so it was like my favorite heroes were actually in my house! Watching it in my basement with 3D goggles on might seem extreme to some casual fans, but these are THE Avengers, people!  They are at their best when they can come to life in 3D! The Blu-Ray pack includes the feature film and some awesome bonus features.  You simply cannot scroll past the bonus United We Stand, Divided We Fall-The Making of Captain America: Civil War Part 1 & Part 2. I just love watching the interviews with the actors and directors.  We also get to see behind the scenes with fight choreography and how all of the computer simulations are made to look so real on the big screen.  There is also the fan-favorite Gag Reel, an exclusive sneak peek of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, deleted scenes, and an in-depth look at the evolution of Captain America and Iron Man.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Collector’s Edition is an absolute must-have if you love Marvel as much as I do.  I believe this is the best Marvel movie yet.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Video – Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to “nerd out for a second'” about his favorite lyric in ‘Beauty & the Beast’

Take a look at a new sneak peek of Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Watch the full bonus feature on the 25th Anniversary Edition of the original animated film, on Digital HD 9/6, and Blu-ray 9/20

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War On 3D Blu-ray on Sept. 13

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War has conquered both audiences and critics, debuting to $179.1 million—the fifth-biggest domestic opening of all time. When it arrives early on Digital HD, Digital 3D and Disney Movies Anywhere on Sept. 2 and on Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on Sept. 13, viewers can join the nonstop action and pick their side—Team Cap, commanded by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), or Team Iron Man, led by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). And don’t miss the 60+ minutes of in-depth bonus features that take viewers behind the battle lines with their favorite Super Heroes!

Clips from Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 – Now on Blu-ray and DVD

Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Two delivers all 22 action-packed episodes of the hit CG animated series’ second season, plus exclusive, never-before-seen bonus material on DVD and even more exclusive footage on Blu-ray! This thrilling continuation of the Star Wars Rebels saga depicts the continued efforts of the crew of the starship Ghost to defeat the evil Empire. Available in your galaxy on Blu-ray™ and DVD August 30, 2016.


Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK – On Digital HD August 23, Blu-ray August 30th and returning exclusively to select IMAX® theatres

Be the first to bring it home on Digital HD August 23 and on Blu-ray August 30 and venture deep into the jungle with in-depth bonus features


Audiences were mesmerized by Disney’s live-action epic adventure “The Jungle Book,” which has earned more than $949 million at the global box office to date.  Critically acclaimed, Jon Favreau’s stunning live-action reimagining of Walt Disney’s animated classic, will be available early on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on August 23, and on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On-Demand on August 30.

Venture behind the scenes with in-depth bonus features that reveal the innovative filmmaking technology used to create the richly immersive jungle world and characters; Follow the journey of the film’s only on-screen actor, charismatic newcomer Neel Sethi (Mowgli); Delve into a candid and humorous scene-by-scene audio commentary with director Jon Favreau and meet the all-star voice cast who help bring the film’s colorful characters to life, as well as the musicians who accent the adventure with a majestic music score.

Audiences will also have the opportunity to experience the movie again at select IMAX locations for a limited time only from August 26th through September 1st.