Brrrr……….by Kim Lawton

There are many things that can put a damper on or even ruin a Walt Disney World vacation. Not budgeting enough money might be the biggest, but not allowing for some down time or not wearing the right shoes can do as much damage. On my last visit I was reminded of another spoiler, the weather. Whether it is rain, heat or COLD, you must be prepared or your time will be less than magical.

I have written many articles about the Florida weather. For the most part it can be summed up the following statement: on any given day during the summer months, it is hot and humid with the possibility of a strong afternoon thunderstorm; and from November to March, it is cooler and less humid but can vary greatly.

We all know a daily rain shower in the summer months is a given, that sunscreen is required and that staying hydrated is a must. But I cannot remind everyone enough that the weather can be quite chilly, even cold, sometimes. While it rarely snows in the Orlando area, it may frost and or freeze with temperatures falling into the 30s. The wind can also play a part! Wind-chills can mean that even though the thermometer reads one temperature the air will feel much colder. For me, cold weather can disrupt a day at Disney more that rain!

I have visited when I wore shorts, a t-shirt and sandals one night and needed long pants, shirt and jacket with a hat and gloves the next! Being prepared is the key. Of course Disney will sell Guests items to keep warm. The minute the temp begins to drop out come the hoodies, gloves and hats; much like when it rains out come the ponchos. I have even seen Guests buy blankets or beach towels to wrap up in on cool evenings. But maybe that isn’t the souvenir that you wanted to buy. Being prepared will save your souvenir money as well as keep you warm.

Nothing is as miserable as walking around cold. Just as you would want to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated, putting on a hat to keep your ears warm and layering your clothing is smart. You have spent the money to enjoy the sights. Believe me you can enjoy the ‘snow’ on Main Street even more in a jacket and warm!

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