Boo to You by Jenn Romano

Happy Hallowishes! Boo-to-You!

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween decorations have already started to show up at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is already decked out with pumpkins and all manner of Halloween decorations. Last year, we attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, and we had a great time, so this year, we are definitely going to visit again this year!

With regard to costumes, we love to get dressed up for the party. We haven’t quite decided on costumes yet for this year, but we still have some time to come up with ideas. However, this past year, we decided to go with a Disney theme for our costumes. After much thought, we came up with the idea to go as the husband and wife from the Carousel of Progress. I purchased a vintage paint smock, and used a scarf to tie back my hair in order to re-create the scene where Sara is painting the rumpus room. My husband went as John from the scene that takes place during the summer in the 1920s. For his costume, we needed to find a blue shirt with a white color, and I made the Niagara Falls fan that John holds during this scene. Overall, these costumes were pretty inexpensive to create, and when we walked through the Magic Kingdom, most people knew who we were, especially when we went to visit our “home” in Tomorrowland. The cast members at the Carousel of Progress got a kick out of our costumes, and we received much praise for our efforts!

New PictureAfter taking a few photos and walking around for a little while, we decided to start making our way through the candy trails and trick-or-treat locations. When it neared time for the first parade of the evening, we made our way to Liberty Square to snag a spot. I highly recommend attending the second parade of the evening. The first parade was very crowded, and it was difficult to get a clear view of the floats and characters. After the parade, we experienced a few attractions, and then we walked over to the hub to watch the Villains Mix and Mingle. We missed this show last year, so we definitely wanted to see it. All of the villains were really great dancers, and the show was funny, but it was a little short. After the show, we decided to stay in the hub to catch Happy Hallowishes. This show is a must-see because the fireworks are truly spectacular. There are perimeter fireworks during this show, and the best place to feel truly enveloped in the action is the hub or Main Street.

After enjoying the fireworks, we stopped at the last few trick or treat locations that we had missed, and then we decided to call it a night. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is great fun, and we left with a serious haul of candy for the evening. The fireworks and parade were topnotch, and we love getting dressed up as well as seeing the creativity in other people’s costumes. If you have the opportunity to attend this event, it is definitely worth the money. Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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