A Look at Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade by Jennifer Romano

During this past week, a new parade, the Festival of Fantasy, debuted at Magic Kingdom, and I was lucky enough to see it!  This parade is a huge improvement over the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade that recently retired.  The music, costumes, and floats in the Festival of Fantasy parade show creativity as well as a strong attention to detail.  Each float tells a different story, and the floats also have many moving parts that contribute to the overall kinetic feeling of this entertainment offering.  For example, the Tangled float looks like a huge ship, and Flynn Rider swings back and forth on the float during the entire parade.  One of the most impressive sections of the parade is the giant steampunk dragon that breaths fire.  It is an artistic masterpiece, and the fact that it breathes fire is amazing and quite exciting. The Peter Pan float is also well done; it is very tall, and the cannons that are attached to the pirate ship actually fire every few minutes.

            Not only are the floats intricate, the costumes are also bright and colorful. Every float includes the major characters related to the movie or franchise represented, but between each section, there are various dancers to represent more minor characters or just background from these movies.  Every costume looks like it was made specifically to reflect as much sunlight as possible.  I enjoyed the dancing sections between the floats much more during this parade than I have during previous parades. 

            With regard to the performers in the Festival of Fantasy, all I can say is, “Wow!” These folks looked excited and happy from the moment the parade started until the moment the parade ended.  No one ever looked tired or miserable or uncomfortable.  Everyone performed in a way that can only be described as magical.  This is important, because even though all of the floats are beautiful and interactive, the characters and performers really drive the action of this parade.  I truly enjoyed the high energy of every part of the entire spectacle.  I have only seen the parade once, but I want to see it many more times so that I can really examine all of the details.  This new entertainment option is such an excellent addition to the Magic Kingdom, and it really helps to celebrate the focus on New Fantasyland as it nears its completion.  This parade also matches the grand scope and scale of the Magic Kingdom in Florida.  If you are at Walt Disney World in the near future, make sure to see the Festival of Fantasy; you will not be disappointed.  Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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