A Beautifully Disney Review by Heather Holley

When Disney announced the Haunted Mansion collection for Beautifully Disney I was so excited. I love all things Haunted Mansion and have recently grown an interest in makeup. That being said I want to begin my review with I am not a makeup expert or beauty guru by any means, but I thought I’d share my experience and opinions on my purchase.

I never thought I would purchase anything from the Beautifully Disney line because it’s quite a bit more than I am generally willing to spend on makeup, but as I mentioned before, I was excited by all of the Haunted Mansion options. I really struggled choosing between the nail polish strips, nail polish set, and the mini lipstick set. I finally settled on the lipstick set for several reasons. The first, I would get the most use out of it. The nail strips were a onetime thing and the polish would probably dry out before I even used half of it. The second reason was this lipstick set includes the perfect shade of purple I had been searching for. (I’ll get more into the details of the colors in a minute.)

First, let’s talk about the basics of this product. This mini lipstick set contains four tubes each containing .04 oz of lipstick and the box gives it 12 months until expiration. This set cost $24.95 plus tax in October. I just searched Disney’s site and it seems this collection is no longer available, but I don’t know if that also means there isn’t any left at the Marketplace Co-Op at Downtown Disney or Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom. (Side note, the mini lipstick set in the Tangled Web collection appears to have very similar colors and is currently on sale for $17.99.)

Now, onward to the review portion of this article! Overall, I love this product. The packaging is wickedly awesome. The box contains imagery from the Haunted Mansion like Madame Leota, the wallpaper print, and the singing busts. The actual tubes of lipstick are purple with green skulls. I’ve kept my tubes in the original box because I just love it so much. It also helps keep me from losing any of my tubes because they really are quite small.

From packaging to the actual product…As previously mentioned there are four different tubes. These colors are deep and perfect tones that scream Haunted Mansion. The names of the colors are morbidly perfect as well. The first shade is called “Ball & Chain”. It’s a bright and bold red that seems to have an orange tone to it. This is the color I have worn the least. I don’t dislike it; it’s just not my favorite out of the group. The next color is “Look Alive”. This is a deep burgundy/brown shade. This is my second most worn color. I love it because it isn’t a shade I see often and I think it’s a very pretty contrast against my pale skin. The next color is “Bride and Doom”. It’s a lovely light mauve color. I don’t have much more to say on this one other than it is probably the most neutral/normal color in the set. Finally, the reason I bought this set…”Ghost Host”. This shade is an amazing lavender and, as odd as purple lipstick may sound, I think it is actually very pretty and not as eccentric as your may imagine. Each shade is wonderful and applies opaque. I know the pictures seem to show the colors have a shimmer, but they dry matte. That is a plus for me, but I know some may prefer the glossy look.

While there are so many things I love about this product, it is far from perfect. I’m really not that impressed with the longevity (or lack thereof) of this lipstick. It seems the color lasts up to 3 hours on average. Again, I’m not a makeup expert, but I was expecting a little better performance from Disney’s makeup line. Another issue I have seems to only happen with the “Look Alive” shade. This color seems to take forever to dry. This has led to me getting lipstick on my chin, and it does not easily come off. (Hello embarrassment!) Again, maybe this is my lack of makeup experience. Is there a trick I’m missing out on for better lipstick application? If so, please share! Anyway… back to the review. I know these two negatives are pretty big things, but I do not regret this purchase. I think the uniqueness of these shades and the wonderful Haunted Mansion theme outweighs the bad. However, I probably will not be purchasing anymore Beautifully Disney lipstick in the future… unless a Nightmare Before Christmas collection comes out. Then, all bets are off.

Have you purchased any Beautifully Disney products? What’s your favorite item or do you have buyer’s remorse? Share your experiences with me on Twitter @hoodie_life.

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