5 Things Not to Say to a Disney Fan by Emma Smith

As Disney fans, we have to put up with quite a lot of condescending and rude statements. Many people are under the assumption that Disney is just for kids, which we all know is completely false, and feel the need to share their thoughts with the rest of the world. If you aren’t a huge Disnerd and come across someone who is, be courteous enough to not put down the things that they love. There should be no shame in admitting things that you enjoy, and everyone should focus more on making others feel comfortable enough to share the things they like. Here are just a select few of many statements I’ve heard other people say upon learning of my love for Disney.

• “Aren’t you a little old for Disney?” This is probably the most common idea among the non-Disney fans. No, I’m not too old for Disney, and you aren’t either! Although most of the Disney movies are targeted at a younger audience, that doesn’t mean that adults can’t enjoy them or the messages each film concentrates on communicating. Disney parks are definitely not just for kids, either — just ask any adult who has been!

• “You’re going to Disney again?” Usually followed by “Weren’t you just there?” and “Don’t you ever get sick of it?”, this statement grates on my nerves like none other. I could go to the Disney parks every single day and never get sick of it! To me, this is like asking, “Are you still breathing oxygen?” Numerous trips are necessary to my survival in this cruel, non-Disney world.

• “Is Disneyland the one in Florida?” Or simply just mixing up the two parks. Although I know that not everyone has been lucky enough to visit a Disney park, I think it should be common knowledge that Disneyland is in California and Walt Disney World is in Florida. For goodness sakes, people, keep the parks straight! Whenever I try to correct someone on this fact, I always end up sounding stuck-up, so I usually just grin and bear it.

• “I don’t like rides, so I wouldn’t like Disney.” Lots of people seem to be under the assumption that the only thing to do at Disney is ride rides, which is just about as far from the truth as you can get. There are so many amazing shows, character experiences, restaurants, and events happening all year round at all of the parks, as well as attractions to accommodate everyone’s tastes. To be honest, I think that theme parks like Six Flags and Cedar Point are more focused around rides than Disney is.

• “It’s too crowded/hot there.” Yes, Disney parks can get crowded, especially at peak times of the year. Yes, the people, combined with Florida heat and random thunderstorms, can make some times of the day more trying than others, but it’s simply worth it. The magical memories made at Disney make up for the hoards of tour groups and family reunions, the humidity, the not getting enough sleep. Soon, the “bad” memories of crowds and sunburns fade, but the recollection of all of the wonderful experiences will last a lifetime.

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