Yay we’re going to Disney! Oh God what am I going to wear?! by Heather Holly

Yes, I know this is a silly topic, but it’s exactly what happens every time I start to pack for a trip to Disney World. For my husband, this is no big deal. He grabs whatever and throws it into the bag and he’s done. I, on the other hand, over think and over pack every single time. Maybe you can help me out. Let’s talk about how to dress for the parks.

First and most importantly you want to dress for comfort. That’s different for everybody, and I haven’t quite mastered it. My first thought is shorts and a top. This is my basic outfit unless we visit in the winter months, and for the most part it’s comfortable… until I get on a water ride. Then, it’s hello chaffing town (TMI?) Then, there are the shoes. I used to wear flip flops with no problem, but have recently started having nerve problems in my feet. But that’s not too difficult a problem to fix. I now make sure to pack a good pair of sneakers. All of this seems really logical right? You want comfortable clothes that aren’t too hot and reliable footwear. But that’s not good enough for my mind… I don’t want to just be comfortable. I want to look good!

After I’ve gathered my most comfortable clothes into a mountain on my bed, I start weeding through them trying to find things I feel confident in. Being self conscious isn’t a problem for everyone, but it really is for me. So feeling confident in what I’m wearing plays a big part in my packing process. I’m not saying I’m wearing my Sunday best and doing my hair and makeup every day, but I do want to look back at our pictures and enjoy the memories, not remember how much I dislike myself. By the end of this process, I usually have 3 more outfits than necessary and they’re all very similar, Disney or skulls.

So now that I’ve tried on all my clothes, narrowed down my clothes, and probably cried at least once I start think accessories… yes I accessorize on vacation! Now, I don’t mean matching necklaces and earrings.  I’m talking about all my awesome Disney swag that I get weird looks for wearing back in Tennessee. My three favorite park accessories are my Maleficent light up horns, Minnie Mouse ears, and Mickey ear top hat. At this point, I reevaluate what I’m packing to make sure that one of these will match.  (How many people are shaking their head at me right now? )

I know this is a ridiculous article. What you wear is not where near as important as where you are. Sometimes I struggle with this concept with my body image issues. Being in Disney makes me forget those problems, but looking at our pictures sure do bring them back. So yeah, I probably do spend more time picking out an outfit than I really should, but I’m just trying to create the most magical experience I can by dressing comfortable and confidently.

How about you? What’s your perfect park outfit? Let’s talk on Twitter @hoodie_life.

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