Where’s Your Happy Place……by Kim Lawton

I have been asked many questions about my travels to Walt Disney World.  They range from “got any tips” to “you are really going again”.  I always say I have lots of tips and we go back because there is so much to do and see there!  We haven’t seen and done it all yet!  Those replies really do not seem to answer the question in a sufficient manner.  I am not sure it is totally possible to answer it to my satisfaction let alone explain the draw Walt Disney World has for me and my husband.  Writing for WDW Daily News lets me try and put that answer into words every two weeks.

This attraction for all things Disney as well as the desire to live in Florida has led me and my husband to begin an incredible journey over the next few months.  We are retiring and relocating to central Florida.  This journey will require patience and hard work but should help us mark something off our bucket list.  Our entire reason for relocating isn’t just our love of Disney, that’s just one part.  We are escaping the cold of winter too.  Not just this last one, although it has been miserable, but all the winters ahead with the cold, ice and snow. 

We have found our dream house and can be at Disney in about 30 minutes. Sometimes we can hear fireworks from the Parks!  Central Florida has so much more to see as well.  The stars at night are amazingly bright when we sit by our pool in the lanai!  We have lots of questions too.  We wonder how many alligators we will see in the neighborhood and if it will be safe to get a dog.  How will we adjust to being away from family?   Will we get tired of Disney?  What other things are there to see and do in Florida?  Mostly it is an exciting time for us.

I am excited to share this experience with the readers of our newsletter.  I hope to share some of our experiences and plan on getting as much information as possible to share about all the events and happenings at Walt Disney World.  Hopefully I will get better at using those Magic Bands with practice!!!

I am looking forward to having more Disney magic to share as we become Disney neighbors.

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