What I’m Thankful For – Disney Edition by Scott Donahue

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wanted to focus on something beyond what we all are most thankful for, such as a healthy and safe family, a good job, etc…

I wanted to make my column about things that I am thankful for, Disney style. Disney has created so many wonderful memories for my family I thought it would be fun to create a list. After reading my list I would like to hear your thoughts via Twitter.

I am thankful for….

  • Walt Disney having the vision to create a place where families could have fun together in a safe environment
  • The Walt Disney Co. continuously expanding and improving their parks, resorts, and service
    Being able to travel to Walt Disney World several times a year to get a different experience each time
  • Having a wife and kids who love Disney as much as I do
  • Minnie Mouse opening up her arms to greet my youngest daughter on a pathway at Animal Kingdom and giving her a HUGE hug, which is something she still remembers to this day
  • The look of amazement the first time my daughters stepped foot into Magic Kingdom
  • The look of joy the first time my daughters meet a Princess
  • The look of bewilderment on my face when Belle picked me to play Beast at “Storytime with Belle”
  • The ability to have two sets of grandparents who “get” what Disney is about and love to vacation with us
  • Being able to help others maximize their time during their Walt Disney World vacations
  • Being able to see my daughters reaction when she finally reached the magical 48” height mark
    Blizzard Beach’s Summit Plummet helping me overcome my fear of heights
  • Disney Vacation Club allowing our family to have accommodations that we otherwise might not be able to afford
  • The smell of the Pop Century lobby after a 20 hour drive
  • Entering my resort room, turning on the TV, and hearing the sounds of Walt Disney World Today Channel
  • The time we were able to experience riding in the front of the monorail
  • My youngest daughter, who has Polycystic Kidney Disease, to be healthy enough to ride most attractions that she wants to
  • Being able to “scream like a little girl” on Expedition Everest and fitting right in with everyone else
  • Not looking like a fool wearing a crazy Disney hat around the parks
  • Having a place where I can make a wish and truly believe it will come true
    Imagineers always wanting to “plus” an attraction
  • Being fortunate enough to start planning another Disney trip

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