WDW Music by Kim Lawton

As I anticipate my next trip to Walt Disney World, I think I have discovered the answer to the question “what’s your favorite part of Walt Disney World”. As I make plans, I hear the music that plays in each country pavilion around World Showcase. I hear the entrance medley from each Park. I plan my days around my favorite musical attractions or shows of each Park. For me the Music is the best part of a Walt Disney World vacation.

Whether it is the country specific music that changes with each pavilion at EPCOT or the themed music at the Magic Kingdom that changes with each Land, music sets the scene for enjoying the attractions, sites and atmosphere. You can hear a Polka in Germany and a Mariachi Band in Mexico. There are even live groups in some of the Pavilions, take the kilt wearing group playing in the Canadian pavilion, Off Kilter. They play a mix of Canadian Rock n Roll, with some folk music mixed in and their rendition of Amazing Grace is very moving. Just a hop skip and jump down the sidewalk is the United Kingdom Pavilion where the group British Revolution will take you on a journey back in time as you listen to songs made popular by British musicians such as The Beatles and Queen just to name two. Continuing your walk around the World will provide music offerings such as Moroccan tunes, Japanese Drummers, a Fife and Drum Corp and even an Italian waltz. Guests dance and enjoy the music offerings all the way around the lagoon. Don’t forget the dancing fountain near the entrance, and that is just one Park.

Each Park is filled with their own blend of music that enhances your experience as a Guest. Some attractions take that to another level. Mickey’s Philharmagic is an entire attraction designed around the impact of music from various Disney Movies. I think one of the best things about Rockin’ Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios is the Aerosmith music playing as you ride to the ‘concert’. And of course music is used to tell stories and enrich most attractions. After you ride It’s A Small World, what goes through your mind? Music helps make the memory live on.

Music is truly used everywhere and during special events and holidays this is no exception. There are special concerts at the American Gardens Theater during the Flower and Garden Festival and the Food and Wine Festival. Each festival offers Guests wonderful musical acts to enjoy. I have dances with Chubby Checker and the Wildcats, sung with Mickey Dolenz and rocked with .38 Special. All ages listening together, enjoying different types of music, some finding new favorites. The Christmas Holidays are filled with the sounds of the season from the Candlelight Processional with its orchestra and mass choir to the music playing in each Park area. There are holiday sounds everywhere.

Walt Disney loved classical music. I think that is evident in how much he used it in his work. He felt music was an important of what he did saying, “Music has always had a prominent part in all our products, from the early cartoon days.” He surrounded himself with great composers and created some of the most famous movie scores. This carries on in the Parks today. Music is part of the experience that immerses the Guest in the experience creating the memories that keep us coming back. Anticipating the music I will enjoy helps pass the time until my next vacation. The next time you visit, listen for the Magic.

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