Review – Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis 2015 by Becky Donahue

Where can you go and see the characters from Dr. Who, The Walking Dead, Frozen, Adventure Time, Legend of Zelda, and The Avengers all in one place?  WIZARD WORLD COMIC CON!  This past weekend I had the chance to go to Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis.  If you have never gone before or think it is “just for nerds,” then you are truly missing out on a great pop culture experience.  This is an event where people can get together and talk about their favorite shows, play some Quiddtich, hunt some zombies, take photos with celebrities, buy cool merchandise, and of course, Cosplay.


While walking in artist alley, fans have a chance to see some amazing artwork and can speak with the artists themselves.  There is artwork from iconic comic characters like Batman and Robin to modern characters like Anna and Elsa.  The neat thing about Wizard World Comic Con is that it brings together people from all walks of life.  It doesn’t matter what job you have or where you live–when you put on that costume, you can be transformed into someone new.  My daughter is very shy normally, but Wizard-World Comic Con is where she shines.  She goes up to fellow Cosplayers and makes conversation or takes selfies with them.  It has boosted her confidence tremendously.  It is something that you can’t really understand until you attend a Con.  Don’t get me wrong, you can have a blast without a costume. There are panels to attend such as “How to Write Comics”, “Batman and Psychology”, “Game of Thrones Fan Panel”, or “Mask Building 101.”  There is also a costume contest that showcases the work that goes into great Cosplay.  If you missed Wizard World Comic Con Indianapolis, don’t worry.  There are plenty of opportunities to attend in the coming months.  In fact, Wizard World is hosting a FAN FEST Chicago on March 7-8 to show their fans how much they appreciate their support.  The Wizard World Comic Con 2015 Tour will be working its way across the United States so be sure to get tickets. Go ahead-start working on the costume-study up on the details of your favorite show or comic-and let yourself enjoy the wonderful experience that is Wizard World Comic Con.

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