Pressed Penny Magic by Kim Lawton

My last article was about Pressed or Elongated Coins.  The topic came up because I was searching for things to do with the few pressed coins I have collected over the years.  They represent memories that I want to hold on to and I just did not know how I wanted to do that….short of carrying them in my change purse as a lucky memento.   So I did an internet search and I found so much more, I think I have even become a pressed coin fan!

Did you know you can purchase Pressed Coin holders at many of the Gift Shops around the World?  Look for one that compliments your vacation memories.  I found many craft and storage ideas for Pressed Coins.  Pinterest had pictures of earrings, necklaces and bracelets all made with a little craftiness and cherished Pressed Coins.  Some were complicated and required a hole to be put in the coin.  It could be seen that one’s imagination would be the only requirement.  I did find one very interesting option that would not require very much creativity or skill on my part but was quite a creative invention.  Pennybandz!


Pennybandz hold the pressed coins in either a bracelet or necklace to shine for all to see!  The necklaces come in various colors, the bracelets in various colors and sizes.  The sopping site is where the various colors and options can be seen.

The site explains the reason we all need a Pennybandz, we all have a pressed penny we want to show off and use to keep memories alive or just to use as a conversation started!  It explains their mission, they even give a portion of each sale to charity!  Gotta love that!  The colors are fun and the prices are reasonable with free shipping on purchases over $10.  Once I received my bracelet and necklace and cleaned my pennies, I found it very easy to insert the coins in the Pennybandz pendant and bracelet.  I cannot wait to wear them!  Please check the Pennybandz site and see if you can share some magic by pressing a penny and wearing it in a Pennybandz!

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