Pizzafari Breakfast by Kim Lawton

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, especially when on vacation.  I enjoy every meal when I am on vacation, but I must admit I enjoy breakfast the most.  I have my favorites at each Park, but my newest discovery is great for breakfast.  Animal Kingdom’s Pizzafari, located on Discovery Island as you enter the Park and head to the left toward Africa, is an excellent breakfast option.

Pizzafari is a quick service location.  There are four dining areas, each themed differently.  The walls are painted with brightly colored murals depicting different animal themes, camouflaged animals, animals that carry their homes, animals that prowl at night, and animals that live upside down.   The chairs and tables are painted to fit into the themed areas.  I recently had breakfast sitting on a large colorful insect!   It is a visual delight and there are many hidden Mickeys to be found, but the breakfast food is what I want to tell you about.

The menu is not overwhelming, and offers many varieties of breakfast options.  There is the Bounty Platter with eggs, bacon and sausage, breakfast potatoes, French toast sticks and a biscuit; the Breakfast Croissant, a toasted multigrain croissant with egg whites, spinach, provolone and vegetable chutney served with breakfast potatoes; a Breakfast Burrito with sausage, eggs, cheese and vegetables packed inside; Kid’s Breakfast Pizza and a Kids Breakfast Platter.  My husband and I have had the Bounty Platter and the Breakfast Burrito and found them to be plentiful, tasty and worth the price. There is enough on the Platter that I usually end up with my husband’s French toast sticks!  And since we usually ask for cups of water, we can eat for around $18.  I only wish there was salsa to go with the Burrito.

There is plenty of seating available.  There is a patio with outside seating in addition to the indoor themed rooms.  There are restrooms located inside too. The times we have visited, shortly after Park opening, there has been little waiting in line and we were able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before heading on Safari.  I am not sure how the crowds or the menu at lunch would be as we have not eaten there for lunch.  I do recommend stopping by there for breakfast, there’s something for everyone to eat and look at!

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