Magic Kingdom Real Estate by Jenn Romano

After many trips to the World, I can’t help but think about the places inside the Magic Kingdom that would make lovely homes for those of us who just can’t get enough of the magic. After a brief conversation with my husband, we came up with a few potential locations for our future dream home as long as Disney doesn’t mind us moving in.

1. Fort Langhorn on Tom Sawyer Island: This location would be ideal because it is off the beaten path, and you could have some privacy here from the many crowds that populate the Magic Kingdom. The areas on the upper level of the fort could be converted into living quarters, and the audio animatronics in the various barn spaces would have to find a new home. The bedrooms could occupy these barn spaces, and you could expand the bathrooms that already exist. I would leave the guns in the rifle roost, but I would make sure that they each make the satisfying shooting noise that they are each supposed to make when you “shoot” them. You would have to have your own boat transportation for getting to and from this island, or you could create a secret tunnel under the Rivers of America, so you could escape at any time if necessary. If you set up a viewing area, you could even enjoy the Wishes fireworks from high atop the fort. Clearly, the fort would be a wonderful place to live as well as offer a unique view of the Magic Kingdom.

2. An apartment on top of the Plaza Restaurant/Ice Cream Parlor: My husband would love to live in this area because he cannot get enough of that waffle cone smell that emanates from the ice cream parlor. This would also be a prime location for fireworks as well as parade viewing. Who wouldn’t want to live on Main Street? You could pop into the Plaza for a daily ice cream treat or a tasty hamburger. After all of those calories, you will have to do some serious exercise, but you could just keep walking around the park because you would already be home!

3. The second floor of the Columbia Harbour House: If you have eaten at the Harbour House, you have probably noticed the spacious area on the second level of this restaurant. This area could easily be converted into a home. You would have excellent views of Fantasyland as well as Liberty Square. The second floor is huge, so you could have many rooms. I would keep the nautical theme and the background music. I love to listen to the sea shanties because they remind me of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. If you get hungry during the day, you could go downstairs for a hummus sandwich and an apple dessert treat. In addition, you could easily visit the Haunted Mansion for a quick ride or the Hall of the Presidents. This would be quite a centrally located home.

4. Swiss Family Robinson Tree House: Now, this is an obvious choice because it is already set up to be a home, a primitive home, but a home nonetheless. This house would offer excellent views and photo opportunities as well as an endless supply of Swiss Polka music. Yes, I would leave the Swiss Polka playing, all day, all the time. It is just that awesome! Some of the rooms would need to be closed in and modernized for our comfort, but this would not require too much work. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in Adventureland with an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom? With regard to the prime location of this home in Adventureland, you would also be able to frequent Aloha Isle so that you could purchase daily Dole Whips.

5. The Formerly Burning Settler’s Cabin: Now, this is definitely a fixer upper, but it is already set up as a house, and it has a lovely forest surrounding it. Back in the olden days of Disney history, this cabin used to perpetually burn, but now the fire has been extinguished. As a result, we could move right into this cabin. It is a little small, but we could do some additions. Like the fort, we would need to have a secret tunnel in order to reach the cabin, and we would also have an excellent view of the fireworks at night. As the riverboat passes on the Rivers of America, we could stand out in front of our homestead and wave at all of the passersby. We could become castmembers and dress as residents of our pioneer cabin. This would definitely be fun. We would have a place where we could live, work, and play! It’s our own version of EPCOT.

I hope you have enjoyed my look at potential Magic Kingdom homes. Where would you choose to live? Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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