How Much Planning is too Much? by Jenn Romano

New PictureNow that I have been a cast member for about six months, I have helped lots of guests plan their vacation days. Since I have been working at the Frozen Sing Along, I have definitely noticed the lengths that people go to in order to plan every minute of the day. I have seen laminated plans and charts as well as graphs and binders with sheet protectors. Planning is really helpful, but when does the planning start to suck the fun and spontaneity out of the day? I think that too much over planning can lead to a lot of stress, and you will lose some of those magical moments that aren’t always planned.

New Picture (1)Disney has really made a certain level of planning necessary by instituting the Fastpass+ system as well as dining that requires a reservation six months in advance. However, you can balance planning with spontaneous fun. You don’t have to hit every ride or every show in order to get your money’s worth on a Walt Disney World vacation. I know this does not sounds like great advice, but the time spent with your family as well as the quality of those precious moments should be your priority. Riding every ride is fun, but by the end of the day, you will all be miserable, hot, tired, and cranky with each other. Granted, I can go to the parks whenever I want, but I have seen so many families have breakdowns over trying to do every single attraction with every single millisecond planned. Constant bickering is just not a fun price to pay in order to ride every ride in every park! The families who have a more laid back approach on their trips tend to have more fun, and they get to enjoy the time that they spend together.

New Picture (2)I always try to remind guests that they are supposed to be on vacation! It is supposed to be fun! If you take your time, you can explore some of the areas that make Walt Disney World such a unique place to visit. For example, you can ride some of the boats that are on Bay Lake or the Seven Seas. Lagoon. At Epcot, you can actually explore the countries as well as the exhibits that most people don’t even realize are there. The Animal Kingdom has so many hidden gems; the animal trails alone are so well themed and beautiful. Basically, WDW has too much to offer to catch everything on one vacation. So, try and decide what you really want to see and prioritize. Hopefully, when you go on your next Disney vacation, you will try to find a happy medium of planning and spontaneity. Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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