Food & Wine Round 2 by Morgan Turner

Our first day of Food and Wine had been amazing and the next day we were exploring a new park…
Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My parents have only been once and it was so long ago, it was basically like taking them for the first time all over again. We were lucky because the weather was nice and it was on the cooler side so when we arrived we didn’t get out of the car and start pouring sweat. I have to give a shout out to our lovely shuttle driver, he was hi¬larious. Obviously it was a good sign that the day was going to be awesome.

Once we arrived we had an early morning fast pass for the Festival of the Lion King. It was all our first times seeing in the new theater! Now this is where I begin to fail at my Disney Life because for the life of me I couldn’t tell what all was differ¬ent in the theater from the old location, but that could’ve been due to the fact that the show was so amazing! If you haven’t seen the Festival of the Lion King you need to see it. It is amazing. My family are huge fans of the film and the Broadway show, so this was perfect for us. We really enjoyed ourselves and had we been able we would’ve gone to see it again, but we were a little busy throughout the rest of our trip. Though we had lunch reservations at Yak and Yeti later in the day, we were starving so we headed to the Flame Tree Bar-B-Que. It was my parents first time getting to try it as well. They LOVED it. It’s one of my favorite places to in at Walt Disney World, and even better one meal will feed three people.

We had the rib and chicken combo, added in a fruit plate to keep it healthy, and a side of fries be¬cause fries are glorious. We even made a friend with a nice little bird that hovered around our table while we were eating. I named him Roland, but because we like to follow the rules we did not feed him anything…and thus I don’t think Roland liked us very much haha. After our pre-lunch stop it was off to the Safari. Now I’ve been on the Safari multiple times, its one of my favorites but for my parents it was their first time. It was literally the BEST experience. Most of the time my safari guides have been a lot of fun and very informational about the animals—you know fun-ducational. But this time our guide was just flat out hilarious. Don’t get me wrong we learned a lot, but we met his friend the bush Keisha and learned that he is not a fan of birds at all. We laughed the whole time.

I did have a fastpass for Expedition Everest booked, but as none of us like roller coasters we headed to lunch at Yak and Yeti instead. If you haven’t been its Asian inspired cuisine and the interior has a ton of really cool artifacts that you are welcome to look at, touch and take pictures of. Our meal was absolutely spectacular. I had the sweet and sour chicken and it was amazing!!!! My dad got the kobe beef burger and my mom got the fried rice. Truth be told we were all still full from the Flaming Tree Bar-B-Que we’d had earlier, but I took one for the team…and stuffed my face anyways.

We opted to take the long way around the park so my parents could get a view of what there was to offer. We decided next time we would definitely be trying out the Dino¬saur ride- I personally love it but they’ve never been on it. After a fun day wandering the kingdom of animals we headed home. The next day we were headed back to Epcot to complete round two of Food and Wine Festival and try out a few new places to eat.

Wait til you hear about what we did the next day, until then… have a Disney magical Day

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