Entering into the World of Fantasy by Jenn Romano

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How many times have you seen this sign? If you are a casual park visitor, then you probably have passed by this sign many times. You can find it as you walk into the Magic Kingdom, past the Mickey floral, and under the train station. I took the picture above as we entered Disneyland in California for the first time. Of course, a similar sign can be found in Disneyland’s Florida counterpart. This sign is your welcome into the Magic Kingdom, the place where dreams can come true. Sure, pixie dust and magic can’t make you fly in real life, but maybe it can brighten your day for just a little while. This plaque is more than just a sign; it is an instruction manual to enjoying Disney Parks.

As you enter the Magic Kingdom, you need to leave behind all that bothers you, and then you can enter into a world of fantasy where life doesn’t have to be so difficult, even if only just for a few days, even just a few hours. You can explore the world of the future as well as the past with a visit to the Magic Kingdom’s many lands and attractions. Of course, you can delve into your imagination when you visit the land of fantasy. How you experience a Disney Park is a conscious choice that you make when you step foot onto the grounds.

Many people are constantly critical of the choices that Disney makes for rides and additions to the parks. I am not going to say that I agree with all of the choices that Disney management makes, but I am not going to dwell on each thing that I dislike about the minutia of the park. I try to follow the instructions on this sign; I want to enjoy what is present in the parks and get lost in the escapism that the parks can provide. If you just let yourself go and focus on all that is positive in the parks, perhaps you can truly do what this sign suggests. You need to enter the land of fantasy and step into a carefully constructed version of reality.

When you walk into a Magic Kingdom park, take a look at this sign and try to put yourself into the right mindset for enjoying the parks. Try to silence your phone, disconnect from the real world, and enjoy all that the Disney Parks offer. They are as much fun as you make them; if you truly commit to the show that is being put on, you can really give yourself a mental vacation. Sure, you can complain about the heat or the lines or the one light bulb that is burnt out, but wouldn’t it be more fun to be a part of the magic and just sit back and be a part of the show? Give these tips a try, and I guarantee that your Disney experience will be worthwhile! Until next time, have a magical day, and keep moving forward!

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