Disneynature BORN IN CHINA Review

Disneynature has done it again.  These amazing filmmakers have taken us to places rarely visited and shown us never-before-seen footage.  Disneynature BORN IN CHINA introduces us to animals and habitats that are simply breathtaking.  The film focuses on three animal families-a snow leopard and her cubs, a giant panda and her daughter, and a young golden snub-nosed monkey.  We also get to see red-crown cranes and Tibetan antelope. Disneynature has a way of pulling us into their films so that we truly come to care about these animals.  What better way to bring light to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund?  I cannot wait to show this to my 5th grade students when we study animals and habitats from around the world.  Before that though, I plan on playing the bonus extras.  The way this crew battled everyday through harsh weather and hiking conditions is the epitome of perseverance.  To literally climb mountains and walk though bamboo forests just to sit and wait for a giant panda to come into the area takes true patience.  They waited for a month before they saw the amazing animal come into focus. I want my students to see the reward for hard work.  You just have to see it to believe it!  Disneynature BORN IN CHINA is now on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.  If you are an animal lover and a fan of all things Disney, then you must pick up of copy this nature masterpiece.

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