Disney On Ice: FROZEN by Morgan Turner

New Picture (3)Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you know that Frozen has basically taken over the world. So I wasn’t at all shocked when the announcement for Disney On Ice presents: FROZEN, showed up. Now you might think I’m a little bit over the great freeze…but I’m not…like at ALL! I hopped all over that like a Disney fan to dolewhip! I booked my tickets the day it was announced….and then promptly forgot that I had booked it until the ticketmaster fairy sent me an email to remind me. First off let me say this reminder was awesome for 2 reasons- 1: I remembered I was going to another Disney on Ice production, and 2: I had an extra day off of work that week 😛 So when September 5th rolled around, I prettied myself up, set my Mapquest for the Amway Center and away I went!

First off let me say I’m no stranger to lines, but I was completely shocked when I walked up the steps to cross the bridge into the center and there was a long line that wrapped all the way around the garage, there was actually a line to get into the center. It moved quickly and finally I made my way in and was smacked in the face with all the glorious Frozen merchandise. I bought myself the fancy program and snapped a few photos, the weirdest of which were the Olaf snow cone cups. They had this white ball of ice in Olaf’s head…it really looked like his brains were made of snow.

After I made my way through all of the merchandise I found my seats and I was ready for the show to begin. It starts out with some fun performers teaching you the snow man dance and to see a bunch of adults and kids wiggling around snowman style warmed my heart. And then Mickey and Minnie and a bunch of their friends make their grand appearance! I laughed, I danced, and sang louder than pretty much every kid around me. After Mickey begins to tell Minnie Mouse a story about the love the real party begins! FROZEEEEENNNNN!!!

New Picture (2)Without giving away too many spoilers, the show is really the film come to life on ice. I don’t know where Disney finds their skaters, but the performances are absolutely stunning. Elsa’s performance for “Let it Go” was literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen- I actually shed tears (I know kind of sad, but it was that amazing). As the show progresses you do notice a few changes here and there to make it plausible for the show to flow together, but most of the story is spot on with lots of fun and excitement, pizzazz and of course all the music and fun of Frozen! I’ve been to two other Disney on Ice performances and I have to say this one was by far the most spectacular I’ve seen. I realized watching, that I’m going to know the words to every song on the Frozen soundtrack for the rest of my life…and every other person in the arena is too. And you know what I’m perfectly okay with that. I had a blast and I can’t wait for the next big event! Who knows…maybe Big Hero 6 will get its own ice show. Who knows, but for now….I’m off to build a snow man 😉

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