Disney MICKEY MOUSE Merry & Scary Holiday Collection Review

Love Mickey Mouse? Love the holidays!? If so, then you will absolutely love the latest Disney release… MICKEY MOUSE Merry and Scary Holiday Collection. This DVD has two full-length cartoons the whole family will enjoy.  Both my daughters are in college, and I was literally sitting in my living room laughing out loud by myself.  It is awesome when animation is so clever that adults can enjoy it just as much as the kiddos. In The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spookacular, Mickey and the gang are trying to tell the scariest story ever.  Of course the kids think it is a dud so Mickey, Goofy and Donald have to step up their game to really put some fear into them.  The last story they tell is so creepy–let’s just say it involves a little old lady, pies, and a shocking pie ingredient.  Blech!  I cannot wait to show this to my 5th graders at their Halloween party in a few weeks.  As we know, stores have pumpkins in one aisle and snowmen in the next so Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special is the perfect pairing. This story starts like a traditional Christmas tale with caroling in the streets and decorations everywhere.  Donald usually goes south for the season with Daisy.  He decides to stay to see his very first Christmas.  Winter and ducks apparently do not go well together so Donald doesn’t fare too well.  Mickey, Minnie and Goofy try to make it the best Christmas ever, but poor Donald struggles to make it to the special day.  There is a line with Goofy at the end that is hilarious!  Listen close.  MICKEY MOUSE Merry and Scary Holiday Collection also has 5 bonus shorts to keep you entertained. Ghoul Friend was my favorite.  Goofy has certainly looked better.  Yikes!  MICKEY MOUSE Merry and Scary Holiday Collection is the kind of fun we all need right now.  Pick up a copy of the DVD and let the world’s troubles wash away as you laugh along with Mickey and the whole gang.  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about it.

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