Dining with the Beast by Morgan Turner

Every now and again you get a very special invitation to dinner that is so completely unexpected you don’t know what to do with yourself. That happened to me this week. Okay to be fair I sort of invited myself for dinner….but still it was a very unexpected dining experience. I managed to get the coveted Be Our Guest dinner reservation…3 days before I went! If you know anything about Be Our Guest the first thing you know is that even 180 days out it’s almost next to impossible to get a dinner reservation so I was very surprised the opening was available, but I snatched it up quick! I didn’t think I could get any luckier than scoring an evening with The Beast, but I got a breakfast reservation for Be Our Guest the very next day! I guess the dining reservation gods were on my side this week, because I got to have two amazing experiences.

I had been lucky enough to dine with the Beast two years ago, so I was long over due to visit again. Not much had changed, but there were a few changes that I didn’t know about. When you arrive now you check in before you hit the bridge. You are given a pager that goes off when they are ready for you. I really liked that because it allowed me to wander around and take a few photos before I went inside. I was seated about 10 minutes after my reservation time and the host kindly summoned me by letting me know “The Master” was ready to receive me. I love the little details, so I was very happy to hear that. I jumped up and headed inside. There are three main dining areas, The West Wing, The Music Box Room, and of course the grand ballroom. I was seated in the main ballroom which is my favorite of the three. Sitting under the big chandeliers that Belle and the Beast danced under is just the most magical thing in the world. Additionally when you look out the window you’ll see a soft and gently snow fall. Yes folks, I said snow; Disney makes it snow in Florida in the spring- talk about magic!

But enough about the atmosphere, lets talk about FOOD! The menu at Be Our Guest is delicious! I opted to try all three courses this round and I decided to be brave. On my last trip I honestly don’t remember what my appetizer was but this time around I decided to try out the French Onion Soup. It’s their signature appetizer and one of the more popular things on the menu. For me personally it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I know a lot of people like it so don’t let me put you off trying it. The flavor was delicious I didn’t care for the texture of the onions though. For my main dish I had the grilled strip steak. I’ve tried steaks all over the WDW resort and for me this steak had the BEST flavor. I was so excited to be reunited with it and it didn’t disappoint. It was delicious as per usual. And I personally love they serve it with fries and those are delicious too.  For my dessert of course I had the Grey stuff! When I went the last time the Grey stuff was only something that was served for special occasions, but the powers that be realized that the grey stuff needed to be available all the time and thus the Grey stuff brownie was born. It is DELICIOUS!!! I don’t know how to describe the grey stuff other than….it’s delicious and I didn’t even have to ask to dishes to find that out. Another fun fact about Be Our Guest is you are able to partake of beer and wine if you’re of age and that’s your thing. Everyone I saw that was sampling seemed to be enjoying their beverages as well. It is the only location in the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol- so fun fact there.

At the end of dinner you have the opportunity to meet the beast which for me is the best part! I’m fairly certain the Beast is the reason dinner reservations are so difficult to acquire. The Beast doesn’t have any other meet and greet location, so Be Our Guest is the only place you get to see him. As a heads up he has been working on his temper and his manners were spot on. He was lovely to meet, and if you’re lucky you might even get to a do a little waltz with him. My evening with the Beast was amazing, but I scurried home because the next morning I had a breakfast date with him. I returned bright and early for breakfast the next day! The Be Our Guest breakfast offering only started about a week and half ago.  I didn’t have any expectations going into it, but I was very impressed with what was included!

When you arrive they scan your magic band or ticket to confirm your reservation and hand you a menu. You head through the room with the sleeping knights and head through to a kiosk. I didn’t have my magic band yesterday so I was given a rose to take with me. You are able to place your order and then you find a seat. I again sat in the ballroom because it’s my absolute favorite 😀 Remember that rose I was telling you about? Well that is how they find where you are sitting. Every person’s meal is brought to their table with the help of either your rose or your magic band. I find it absolutely fascinating that Disney has made it possible to let you choose your seat and still have the ability to find you anywhere in the dining room! I believe this is the same service they use at lunch, but I haven’t been able to visit for lunch yet, I’ll update you when that happens 😉

So with this meal again I decided to be brave and try something I’d never had before! There wasn’t a single thing on the menu that didn’t sound delicious but I had never tried poached eggs so I decided to get the open faced bacon sandwich featured poached eggs. I got an orange juice along with it. When it arrived it came with a fruit cup which was DELICIOUS!!! And each table gets a whole tray of pastries. Since I was a party of one I didn’t have to share my pastries and I sampled every single one. They were all delicious but I like the chocolate chip croissant the best of all of them. But I  was a good kid and decided to eat my “real food” first. It was delicious! Not only did I learn I really enjoy poached eggs, but the sandwich was so delicious! It comes with applewood bacon, brie cheese, spinach, tomato all on a French baguette. It was so delicious, I’m just drooling thinking about it. The next table over got the chocolate sauce covered cronut with bananas….I wish I could’ve gotten that too, but perhaps and excuse to go back again.

Every single thing I had for breakfast was absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. It was a really nice way to start off the morning in the Magic Kingdom and it definitely made my day a little more magical all round. My two meals in the Beast’s castle were just perfect. Thank you Beast, your service and staff were phenomenal, until we meet again sir

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