Cinderella for the New Millennium by Morgan Turner

If you don’t know me I’m a HUGE princess movie fan! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things princess. So needless to say I’ve been counting down the days for the new Cinderella movie coming out since it was announced last year. Well today I finally got to see it and it was PERFECT! I absolutely loved the film! Perhaps the experience was a little more special because my dad happened to be in town and we went to see it together- but we both really enjoyed the film and the movie viewing experience!

We decided to go to the Fork and Screen showing at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney! If you’ve never done it you should definitely give it a try its such fun! You book your seats (you have an assigned row and seats), and you are able to order from the menu before the film starts and your meal is brought to you right before the actual movie begins. You also are able to call your server when you need to so they don’t bother you at crucial parts of the film. The menu options are pretty expansive, ranging from pasta dishes, burgers and fries, and they have kid standards like chicken fingers and grilled cheese. We got a BLT flat bread and the blackened chicken alfredo. Our meal was delicious and while it was a hint pricey it made for a nice experience.

Now on to the important things…THE MOVIE! But before I dive into Cinderella I can’t skip out talking about the anticipated Frozen Fever short before the film started. First let me preface this by saying I really enjoyed Frozen, but I feel it has oversaturated everything- so at present moment I’m not a huge fan of Frozen. So please know when I say this its true- IT IS ADORABLE!! I won’t give any spoilers, but it is just the cutest little film. I loved the tiny snow men that show up and Olaf, Kristoff and Sven were funny as ever. Even Hans made a memorable appearance and Elsa and Anna were sweet as always. If the short was putting you off seeing Cinderella, don’t let it. It’s just the right amount of Frozen and the new story is really cute and rather refreshing.

Finally to Cinderella! So if you’ve seen the cartoon or basically any film adaptation of Cinderella you already know the story of the film and what happens. This new adaptation doesn’t deviate from the story very much. It does however shed a little more light on Cinderella’s background and how she became the sweet and loving young woman we are all so familiar with. The introduction of Lady Tremaine and her two daughters is hilarious and memorable, and I have to say Cate Blanchett was AMAZING as the villainess in this film. In fact while watching I kept thinking if they ever do a re-remake of 101 Dalmations she would be amazing as Cruella. She’s got evil villain down to a tee! When we finally meet Prince Charming, aside from swooning, he was funny to watch and it was nice to get to see his personality more so than in other films.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers to this version because of course its not the same film we’ve seen before, but I will say this version of the story is beautifully told. The film itself it just breathtaking to watch. The colors are just so beautiful! I’ve never seen a prettier shade of blue than the one in her dress. And the locations are to die for! I’d LOVE to live in Cinderella’s house, even if it is in the attic. The palace looks like it should be in the Magic Kingdom and I think even “Wishes” made an appearance. It was just a dream to watch and along with a beautiful score I was a very happy camper walking out of the film.

Leaving this film you can’t help be leave it feeling magical and warm and fuzzy and happy at the end. So I would strongly recommend you go see it. It’s an old story with a new twist. And as always remember Have Courage, and Be Kind <3

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