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Colin Farrell In Negotiations For ‘Dumbo’ At Disney

Colin Farrell is in negotiations to join Tim Burton’s Dumbo, the live-action adaptation of the 1941 animated classic for Disney, which is casting up now.

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There are (at least!) 17 upcoming Disney live-action remakes: Here’s what we know about them

Have you recovered yet from “Beauty and the Beast”? Disney isn’t slowing down, so you better pace yourself. The record-breaking adaption starring Emma Watson is a major indicator of more live-action magic to come. Disney is developing a ridiculous number of remakes — some expected, and others totally out of left field.

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Beauty & The Beast: Disney Easter Eggs & Trivia

Movie fans have had years to enjoy Beauty and The Beast for its many small details and references to other Walt Disney classics, but 2016 brings the tale as old as time to live action – and finds new ways to layer in extra secrets. Whether it’s references to the original, other Disney movies, or the story upon which Disney based their first rendition. Fans aren’t likely to catch them on their first viewing (if ever), but that’s why we’re here to offer a rundown and explanation of them all.

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Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Remake Won’t Be a Musical

Ever since Maleficent was released in 2014, Disney has been obsessed with giving their animated classics the live-action remake treatment. However, out of the four that have followed, only Beauty and the Beast has been a full fledged musical.

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Expect more remakes if Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ delivers

In March 2010, Walt Disney Co. released a live-action version of its beloved 1951 property “Alice in Wonderland.” The film was a hit, earning $1.03 billion at box offices world-wide and two Oscar wins.

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The Cast Of “Beauty And The Beast” Found Out Which Disney Princess They Are IRL

In celebration of their new movie Beauty and the Beast, Buzzfeed had Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Audra McDonald, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw take a BuzzFeed quiz to discover their true ~inner Disney princess~.

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Box Office: Disney’s ‘Moana’ Sails Past $600 Million Worldwide

As of today, Walt Disney’s Moana has earned over $600 million at the worldwide box office.

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Disney loves hiding references to past characters in its films

Few companies have been able to create a brand as long-running, insular, and self-referential as the behemoth that is Disney. And that translates into plenty of Easter eggs in the studio’s animated films. The Disney fan site Oh My Disney helpfully breaks down some of those references in a new two-minute video that showcases the many, many nods to past properties Disney has hidden in its films over the years.

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Disney’s New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Could Break Box Office Records

Walt Disney’s first new movie release of 2017 is already looking like a box office blockbuster. The company’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast doesn’t hit theaters until March 17, but the highly-anticipated movie is already racking up an impressive number of ticket pre-sales.

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Mary Poppins Returns: First Set Photos of Lin Manuel Miranda Emerge

Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke took the world by storm in 1964 as the magical nanny and a jack of all trades respectively. Mary Poppins has been a classic film ever since, and Disney is finally ready to continuing on with the mythology. Next year will see Disney follow-up the franchise with Emily Blunt stepping into the leading role for Mary Poppins Returns.

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