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Disney Research created a fireworks display you can feel with your hands

The loud boom of a firework is an exciting stimulus, but those colorful explosions are primarily a visual experience. Disney Research has been working on a “Feeling Fireworks,” a display that offers haptic feedback—vibrations a person can feel—to help translate the pyrotechnic display for visually impaired guests.

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Marvel and Star Wars going exclusively to Disney streaming

Tech Crunch takes a look at Marvel and Star Wars going exclusively to Disney streaming.

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Watch – Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Disney IRL

Baymax, the lovable, inflatable, personal health care companion from Big Hero 6, takes a break from life in San Fransokyo and visits the beach to surprise unsuspecting people with health advice and plenty of fist bumps.

Disney showed the inner workings of its Avatar robot and it’s just incredible

Back at the end of May, Disney opened an Avatar-themed area (Pandora: World of Avatar) within its Animal Kingdom park. Given that it’s only been open for a few weeks, most folks still haven’t been inside — but if you do go, do yourself a favor and take the time to check out the Na’vi River Journey ride.

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Disney Using Technology To Enhance Its Park Experience Could Boost Revenues

As Disney opens its Avatar-themed attraction in Orlando later this year, the company is also looking to officially debut its new Mobile One system along with this launch.

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Recently, we introduced the new MagicBand 2, which offers more versatility and customization to guests as they unlock the magic of their Walt Disney World® Resort vacation.

Over the last few months, MagicBand 2 has been rolled out to Guests who receive them prior to arrival, as well as to Guests who pre-engage with My Disney Experience and receive them at a Disney Resort hotel. Now, Guests who have not had the chance to pre-engage in advance are also receiving MagicBand 2 upon check-in at the front desk in the default color of gray.

We’re also excited to share that solid-color MagicBand 2 are available for purchase in the current eight colors – pink, blue, red, green, orange, gray, yellow and purple – wherever MagicBands are sold throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

With the MagicBand 2 solid-color bands, guests have even more options to customize their MagicBand. They can mix and match different-colored bands to create their favorite multi-colored band because with MagicBand 2, the center icon is removable and linked to their My Disney Experience account. MagicBand 2 is also available for purchase in a variety of graphic designs.

Guests can also customize their solid-color MagicBand 2 with the new MagicKeepers accessories. They can put the center icon into a sliver carabiner to wear on a purse, diaper bag or belt loop; or into a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse lanyard clip to wear around their neck. A mini-screwdriver is included with each MagicKeeper to make changing the icon easy.

Disney Develops a Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

Free-roaming wireless power has been a dream of engineers since the days of Tesla and Edison waging their war of innovation but a number of technical hurdles have prevented it from becoming a reality. The folks at Disney Research have revealed that they’ve successfully built a method to provide full coverage of an average room and power all the devices one might need.

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These Disney princess and puppy robots teach your kids to code

Disney’s Belle adds programmable dance moves, while FurReal introduces a robot pet dog with a customized personality. Both are arriving from Hasbro this year.

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Photos – Drones from Disney Springs Holiday Show & Super Bowl Halftime Show

Check out what the Drones from Intel look like up close. These drones were used in the Disney Springs Holiday Show and similar ones were used in the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Disney patent would alter rides immediately based on passenger emotions

The Walt Disney Co. hasn’t ignored the emergence of auto-driving cars and what that may mean for the future of theme parks.

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