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Walt Disney World Buses: A Greener Way to Travel to and from the Magic.

Those of us who love all things Disney will appreciate this sign located inside Disney buses.

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Disney Conservation Fund Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary by Unveiling New Initiative to Protect the Planet

The Disney Conservation Fund (DCF), in honor of its 20th anniversary, announced a targeted philanthropic strategy to help protect the planet by collaborating with leading nonprofit organizations that will help threatened wildlife and inspire a lifelong love of nature in young people. The new initiative, called Reverse the Decline, Increase the Time, is aimed at reversing the decline of 10 threatened species through scientific research, community engagement, and increasing the time kids spend in nature to inspire them to care for the planet.

As part of Reverse the Decline, Disney is supporting a network of leading conservation nonprofit organizations to develop strategic plans that aim to reverse the decline of 10 animals: elephants, butterflies, coral reefs, tamarin monkeys, great apes, sea turtles, sharks and rays, cranes, rhinos and tigers. These organizations employ experts who work with each species to address the protection of habitats, collect critical population data, and develop conservation and education programs in critical ecosystems around the world. Additionally, this initiative provides opportunities for Disney to apply the expertise and talents of its employees and cast members to help reverse the decline of these animals. Already, scientists, educators and veterinarians on Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team are collaborating with each organization to help protect threatened species and their habitats.

Increase the Time, the second part of the two-pronged commitment, comes on the heels of a 2012 Disney initiative to connect 35 million kids and families with nature experiences by 2015. Disney reached the target a year early based on its efforts to connect kids with nature through support from the Disney Conservation Fund to nonprofit organizations and nature experiences in Disney Parks and Resorts. The new Increase the Time initiative amplifies the philanthropic component of these efforts to fund projects with leading nonprofit organizations that engage young people in discovering the magic of nature and inspiring them to protect the planet.

Since 1995, DCF has provided $40 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in 115 countries.

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Disney Land Purchase to Add To Preserve

The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve is getting more protection, thanks to a recent land purchase by Disney officials to deal with future environmental permitting.

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Disneynature BEARS Blu-ray and DVD Review

Disneynature has done it again with the amazing film BEARS.  As we have come to expect with Disneynature films, BEARS allows the audience to have an up-close interaction with wildlife that the average person would never see in their daily lives.  The movie begins with mother bear Sky emerging from winter hibernation with cubs, Amber and Scout.  The Alaskan scenery is simply breathtaking as we walk down the mountain with the family and learn what it takes to survive.  Finding food is critical, but this task is not easy as there are other bears to contend with as well as a wolf who has an interest in the cubs.  Viewers will learn what it means to go “mama bear” on anyone who might be a threat.  With some bears weighing 1000 pounds and standing at 10 feet tall, it is absolutely crazy to think that the filmmakers were actually in close proximity.  As I learned in the bonus features, the bears are to be respected, but not feared.  Too many times movies and television show them as ferocious beasts on the attack.  The crew was with the bears for 2 years, and there was never an incident with them.  Learning about these animals and why the habitat needs to be protected is why Disneynature films are so important.  I cannot wait to show this movie to my 5th grade science classes when we study animals and the environment.  I can add this to my collection that includes Oceans, Chimpanzee, African Cats, and Earth.  Being able to see the world and the animals we must protect is so much better for my inner city students than just reading about it in a textbook.  I also always point out all of the careers that they could have when we watch the credits.  Maybe one of them could be a wildlife photographer or a director.  I know one little girl who will be the world’s greatest meerkat protector.  Disneynature’s BEARS on blu-ray and DVD is a wonderful film for all ages.  I look forward to Earth Day 2015 and the release of Monkey Kingdom. The more Disneynature can teach us about the Earth, the more likely that future generations will be able to enjoy majestic animals that roam the world.