Around the World of Disney in 4 days by Morgan Turner

Over the years my parents and I have taken many trips to Walt Disney World. Our trips usually consisted of watching the parade, shopping, and me refusing to talk to any of the characters, but being so excited to see Cinderella Castle that it didn’t matter. This is my really nice way of saying, we didn’t do a lot in the parks but by jingo I was happy as a clam and to them it was worth it. Now I live and work at Walt Disney World I got to treat my parents to a Disney trip and let me tell you it was a whirl wind adventure!! It is our first year being the parks for the Food and Wine festival so we decided eating around the world was a must do! I was lucky because right before my parents arrived I was able to book fastpasses and we wanted to try out a few rides while we were in Epcot so with everything all set up we were ready to go!

We were up early on Friday morning and headed into Epcot. Our first stop was Spaceship Earth. I took my dad the last time he visited and he insited that we take my mom on it too. They loved the attraction and their video into the future was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen. We then headed off to hang out with Nemo and his friends and then visited with Figment. All of these rides were new to my parents and they had a nice time getting to try them out for the first time. We started getting hungry so we made a pit stop to get cronuts. We made the mistake of getting 2 of them, we could’ve easily shared 1 of them between the three of us, but we survived. Before we headed to ride Soarin’ we visited Living with the Land. My parents both LOVED it! Even I learned something new riding it this time around and we got to sit down for a little bit which was an added bonus! Then it was off to Soarin’! My parents loved it and were sad it was over. I personally was shocked they even rode it with me but I was so happy they had fun!

Finally…it was time for the main event—THE FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL!!! We had intended to eat the whole way round the world that day, little did we know that our plans would change halfway through the day. I had already gotten their passports and maps so we were fairly ready going into the World Showcase. We started at Hawaii with the pork sliders, and then made our way to Patagonia for a beef empanada, and then mexico for ribeye tacos and sweet corn cheesecake. At this point I was starting to get a little bit full so we took a break and went to visit the three caballeros and take a little trip around Mexico. It was fun to take my parents on that ride, since they didn’t even know it was there; and we had the song stuck in our heads for the whole rest of the day. We kept making our way around, stopping to try food at farm fresh, Singapore, china, and Africa. It was at this point that we realized…we were not going to make it around the whole world that day. Since we were coming back again on Sunday we decided to call at the halfway mark and very slowly made our back to the front to go home.

Round one was a great success and we had a blast. I’ll tell you all about round 2 next time, but before you go here’s a little bit of what we got to try while we were on our trip 😀

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