About Us

WDW 24 Hour Day & SWW (151)Who are we?

My name is Scott Donahue and I am a 46 year old husband and father of two daughters (Jacey and Peyton). Our oldest daughter, Jacey, recently completed the Disney College Program and dreams of one day of working for Disney in some capacity.  Our youngest daughter, Peyton, has just graduated high school and will be attending Indiana State University majoring in Public Relations.

I am a teacher who was introduced, by my wife (who is also a teacher) to Walt Disney World in 2003.  Since our first visit to Walt Disney World in 2003, our family has made 38 trips to the Orlando area.  And by being teachers, our family can mainly only visit Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort during the Peak Seasons.  We are DVC Owners since 2005 and are Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

As a result of being teachers, we have been forced to use a little trial-and-error on each trip.  Throughout our vacations we have developed strategies that allow us to maximize each vacation, and to make it as stress-free as possible.  Believe it or not Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort would seem very weird to us if there weren’t crowds.  I guess it adds to the excitement for us.

Many of our friends continue to ask us, “Why are you going to Orlando again?”  Our answer is the same every time, “our family loves it.”  Our youngest daughter, Peyton, was born with Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease (http://www.pkdcure.org), so we have tried to live each day to the fullest because we know that nothing is guaranteed. She will eventually have to have a kidney transplant as both of her kidneys have the disease, but she continues to be our hero, fighting on and making the most out of each day.

The good news is that she has been able to get to adulthood before she needing a kidney transplant so that is a relief.  For us, there is no other place in the world we would rather be during the Peak Seasons, than at Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort , with thousands of our fellow theme park friends.

Our History

From 2003 – 2006  I had always written down notes from my trips and kept them in several notebooks that I would share with friends and family who were heading to Walt Disney World.  The notebooks grew in size and I finally decided to put everything in one place and I wrote the book WDW Peak Seasons which provided information for those who vacation at Walt Disney World during the Peak Seasons.

We received feedback that our readers wanted more frequent information about Walt Disney World so in 2007 we started as WDW Newsletter, providing news, tips and tricks about all things Disney.

After two years of WDW Newsletter, we received more feedback from our readers to expand and provide links to Daily Disney News, and in 2009 we created WDW Daily News.  The site has evolved over the course of many years and now we aim to provide theme park fans a one-stop place to access links to Disney, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and other theme park news from around the world, in addition to some of original content and articles as well.

We are a family run site and appreciate everyone who has entered into this journey with us. We hope you enjoy all the news and that our site can help bring a little magic to your day!!