A “Thotful Spot” by Emma Smith

There’s no doubt about it- a Disney vacation can be tiring. Sore feet, a heavy backpack, the hot Florida sun beating down… these are just a few of the factors that trouble the average Disney parkgoer. Sometimes, you might even feel like you need a vacation from your vacation! Like Pooh Bear, I have a few favorite “thotful spots” in the parks that are perfect if you need to rest your legs, people watch, and just relax.

1. Rapunzel’s Village- Magic Kingdom: This restroom/seating area combination in Fantasyland is a wonderful place to take a break. The spot also features a charging station, so if your phone or camera is running low on battery power you can charge it. Make sure you bring your own charger, though! If you have little ones that get restless easily, you can send them on a special mission to find 10 of Pascal’s sneaky friends hidden in the scenery.New Picture

2. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover- Magic Kingdom: Although I thought this attraction was boring when I was little, during the last few years it has become one of my Magic Kingdom must-dos! There’s nothing better than sitting back on the TTA, feeling a cool breeze on your face, and enjoying the view above Tomorrowland. The 10-minute tour also runs inside Space Mountain, above Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and past a model of Walt’s original E.P.C.O.T. design.

3. American Adventure Pavilion- Epcot: The America pavilion in World Showcase has a large, air-conditioned building with padded benches inside. Sounds great, right? The cool air and comfy seating isn’t the only great thing about this pavilion, though- at select times throughout the day, an a capella group called Voices of Liberty performs a 15-minute show featuring some of America’s best loved music. These are easily the most talented singers I’ve ever heard, and it is an honor to be able to listen to their beautiful performance.

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4. The Land Pavilion- Epcot: The first floor of The Land has a quick-service restaurant called Sunshine Seasons, so there’s always plenty of tables and space there to enjoy a snack or just veg out. If you have an upcoming Fastpass for Soarin’ or Living with the Land you can also use the area to wait until the specified FP time.

5. Park benches- Everywhere!: If you’re in need of a break and you simply can’t take another step, there’s most likely going to be a park bench around somewhere. Benches are the best place to people watch. You would be amazed at the things people do or say when they think nobody is watching them! My mom and I have definitely made use of the park benches on our last couple trips- a few times, we accidently zoned out and ended up sitting for 45 minutes!

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