A One Day Park Trip…..by Kim Lawton

I am often asked which Park at Walt Disney World is my favorite. I have a hard time answering the question because there are distinct things I like about each Park. Each Park provides a different experience when visited and explored. I decided to approach the answer in a different way. What if I was asked what Park I would visit if I could only visit one during my trip, what Park would I choose?

Which Park would you pick? It has been reported that many people would pick Magic Kingdom because for them it embodies the magic of Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom for many is Walt Disney World. Maybe that is why the one day ticket price is higher than the other Parks! For me thought that Park would be EPCOT.
Where else can you begin the day experiencing the past and future of technological advancements and end it with fireworks illuminating the sky? And in between you can walk around the World experiencing eleven different cultures. You can step back in time and then travel through the history of communication in the 180 foot tall Spaceship Earth. Mission to Mars will take you can travel to Mars or build a car at Test Track. Nemo is waiting to give you the grand tour over at the Living Seas or you can take your imagination on a Journey. After all that excitement, try a boat ride through the Land to see where some of the food served round the Park is grown. Your next stop could be a flight over California, if you are up for Soarin.

After all that excitement you might be ready for a walk around the World. You can visit 11 different country exhibits around the World Showcase, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, United States of America, Italy, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. There is even a brief spot of Africa thrown in for interest. Each pavilion is designed to create the authentic feel of each Countries culture and diversity. Great care was taken with the designs and the attention to detail is extreme. Artisans and experts from each country were employed to ensure authenticity. There are exhibits, rides, musical offerings and culinary delights to enjoy. Some of my favorites are the sushi in Japan, a Diva Riesling in Germany and the music of Off Kilter in Canada. There are even Kid Spots set up around World Showcase to engage the younger set in the cultural exchange. The Cast Members that man the stores and restaurants of each pavilion are from the respective countries which just adds to the genuineness. I have learned a great deal just by asking where a Cast Member is from!

I enjoy the landscaping and the spacious walkways. There are many places to just sit and relax while watching people pass by. You can find the Characters in many locations as well, just think of finding Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco or Snow White by a wishing well in Germany. And once the sun goes down, the story begins….older than time itself but still being written. Illuminations, fireworks with the story of our Earth, our very existence woven in. There is so much to take in at EPCOT, you don’t realize you are learning as you vacation. I guess that is part of the magic!! I guess that is why I never get tired of visiting and would choose EPCOT as my one day stop.

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